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The UN Human Rights Office for South East Asia (OHCHR) said today it was concerned by the entry into force in Malaysia of the National Security Council (NSC) Act which gives the prime minister sweeping security powers and could restrict civil liberties.

The Act, which comes into effect on 1 August, establishes a National Security Council to handle matters related to national security and will be headed by Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Through the Act, the prime minister will have the power to declare, upon the advice of the NSC, a “security area”, defined as being a location “seriously disturbed or threatened by any person, matter or thing which causes or is likely to cause serious harm to the people of Malaysia, or serious harm to the territories, economy, national key infrastructure of Malaysia or any other interest of Malaysia”.

The declaration is valid for up to six months, and can be renewed an infinite number of times.

Forces operating in a “security area” will be given sweeping powers, including the capability to arrest and search persons, enter and search premises, and seize property without a warrant. Furthermore, they will be allowed to use force against persons, including force amounting to death, as they deem reasonable and necessary in the circumstances “to preserve national security”.

Moreover, the Act grants immunity to members of security forces and personnel of other government entities for their acts in any “security area”.

“These provisions run counter to the requirement to investigate wrongdoing and hold institutions and their personnel accountable in the case of human rights violations,” said Laurent Meillan, OHCHR’s acting regional representative in Bangkok. “We are gravely concerned that the immunity provisions in the Act may encourage human rights violations.”

Meillan expressed concern that the Act could also be used to impose unjust restrictions on freedom of opinion and expression and freedom of assembly. “We call on the government to revise the Act to bring it in line with international human rights norms and standards. Furthermore, we encourage the Government to allow for an open and transparent consultation process on the provisions in the Act with all relevant stakeholders,” he said.

The National Security Council Bill 2015 was presented in Parliament on 1 December 2015. It was passed by the Lower House on 3 December 2015 and the Upper House on 22 December 2015.


UN concerned National Security Council Act gives Najib sweeping powers

12 Responses to “UN concerned National Security Council Act gives Najib sweeping powers”

  1. on 30 Jul 2016 at 15: 29.07 charles wong

    At the rate this Najib is covering his ass with all sorts of new legislations, he might as well declare that he is the lord of all he surveys. Why bother with all these legislations and best of all have the one person who is coming up with all sorts of initiatives just to have Najib replaced ?
    On another note this Indonesian descendant the former DPM must be running out party to join just so he is able to keep his time busy. He now has decided to join up with PKR to gain some sort of political support just so the people will not forget him completely. He either does not want to accept the fact that his political future has come to an end just like the shenanigan Mahathir.
    At least the repugnant Mahathir has made one of his son a once billionaire and for himself, according to report has amass himself 22 billions. Together with his family he and his next five generations descendants can be rest assured that he will be very well taken care off for. All this is unless the illl gotten wealth is not traced and forfeited before he is buried. Will it be in the mausoleum with all the former PMs ? This dependents very much if the so called Umno warriors are generous enough to allow him to be buried there !

  2. on 31 Jul 2016 at 08: 46.01 charles wong

    Najib needs this NOC to make sure of his survival if according to him nothing is wrong with !MDB and everything is as usual. If that is really the case, why then is !MDB is no longer in control privately and is now being in the control of the finance of the MOF ?
    Just how many times is the population of Indonesia larger than Malaysia but yet it has a smaller number of ministers in their cabinet ? Isn’t that a clear testimony that you have bloated up the cabinet just so you are able to accommodate the Umno supreme council members to ensure their support or shall I say your survival as the president of Umno and consequently as PM of Malaysia ?
    Why don’t you just declare a state of emergency in Malaysia that would impede you from coming up with all sort of new legislations to ensure your survival ?
    Just one last thing your golfing buddy Obama has only a few months left in the white house and when he is gone will you be able to prevent your name being mentioned openly in their probe over 1MDB ?
    Now I know why your step son is being used to be given billion of dollars instead of your own son. That might be because from the very beginning you were preparing for the day when a probe is opened up in U.S.A. where you are unable to parachute someone to impede him from being indicted. To prevent anyone from questioning you any further on 1MBD why don’t you just on to the mosque and swear on the Koran that you are innocent of all the accusations that are levied against you. Wouldn’t that be the end of the story ?

  3. on 02 Aug 2016 at 13: 18.21 charles wong

    The call for Najib to resign because the former British PM resign, does sound fair and sound but the caller forgot one most crucial thing. He must have forgotten that David Cameron is from Britain and the other is from the fourth world even though KL have only for a very short time the tallest building in the world. Malaysia is still consider a fourth world country or may be worst than that, many of the impressive infrastructures or shall I say first world infrastructures. Don’t forget why they were built, they were built not because they were needed but were built so that the ‘commissions’ that went with them were just as mega.
    That was the only way that the money that came from the black gold could be taken from Petronas without questions. Just look at the shambles the country is now facing when the price of the black gold is less than half of it was. Nothing is set aside for a rainy day like this and that is why GST was introduced. At the rate the money is being ‘siphoned’ it wouldn’t be long many of these impressive infrastructures will have to be ‘privatized’. Just so the million of civil servants can be paid. So bad and so sad !

  4. on 03 Aug 2016 at 12: 59.58 charles wong

    The shenanigan Mahathir had to pay millions to get to white house and for sure the millions that were used didn’t come from his own pocket. His student Najib must have also paid millions just to fly to Hawaii to play golf with Obama.
    None of Malaysia’s PM ever got invited to address the congress or hosted to a state dinner. What a bloody let down but I suppose not when the country is still in the third world. What a shame but as I said before the shenanigan Mahathir can paid millions to get ‘invited’ to the white while Najib can fly half way round the world just to play golf with Obama. He too should be able to pay millions to be hosted to a state dinner just like the PM of Singapore who is currently being hosted to the state dinner by the U.S. President. What has all the UMNO ‘warriors’ got to say about this ?

  5. on 03 Aug 2016 at 15: 44.10 charles wong

    All these Najib lackeys must seen to be supporting Najib and most of all what Najib is doing just because all they want is to be given a post of high standing so that Najib is able to grant them a post of high standing. And also the highly bloated cabinet are all, I repeat all Najib’s lackeys or Umno supreme members so that they will keep their mouths shout. Otherwise they will end up just like the former DPM the cow who ended up with no party to go to and in desperation is teaming up with the repugnant Mahathir and PKR. He doesn’t realise his political career is FINISHED’ just like the sick old shenanigan Mahathir who is adamant to remain in the political scene but at least he partly doing so at least for his aimless son and also for himself so that the stolen wealth he ‘took’ over the tenure of 22 years as the PM of Malaysia. Are these stolen wealth he stole for himself and for his acumen-less son deemed to be haram !

  6. on 05 Aug 2016 at 08: 38.37 charles wong


    You must have the illusion that everything in 1MBD is alright just because you as the PM said so. You have to otherwise you will have to take refuge in a third country. And that is actually what will happen to you, your family and also all your ‘maichais’. Please remember you are the one directly implicated in the case and as such anything and everything you have to say are biased and prejudiced including all the people you have parachuted into the places and positions they are holding. You should know that !
    One thing you can’t do is to impede what the authorities outside Malaysia from saying and acting against you. You may thus far managed to get your golfing buddy from naming you in the investigation and how long can this buddy help you. His term of office is about to end in a few months. What are you going to do when his term ends in Jan 2017 ?
    One final piece of advise to the shenanigan Mahathir, you may refuse to accept you are no longer are the PM and as such all the lackeys are no longer interested in protecting you not at least the kind of numbers they are. You must think the people must be fools to believe that you are not forming a new party for your aimless son of yours. He has no where or shall I say no party to go to just like the former DPM and under the circumstances they are in where else can they go or what other party can they join ?
    Just remember everyone you supported and campaigned for has failed to be elected ever since you are no longer the PM. Therefore any political party you may start will too be a failure and you should really retire and play with your grand children instead. That way you will continue to get the benefit of the former of a PM, as it is you are slowly loosing everything like the police escort , the chairmanship of Petronas and Proton. Very soon you will be what you were before you came to KL.

  7. on 06 Aug 2016 at 12: 57.04 charles wong


    If Putrajaya is not a guilty party then why is it that !MBD is now in the hands of the ministry of finance ? Since its inception Najib is the boss of the set up but why now ? When billions are missing or unaccounted for Najib knows very well that the probe into the shambles that are going on will take years. He also knows that by the time when the party of parties are identified he will be gone and so will be all the lackeys.
    KJ I am collecting what you are saying now and also all the utterances of the lackeys.Just you all wait and see when Najib is gone and when I confront all of you with these utterances. What would you and all the machais have got to say then ? Unless most of you or all of you are no longer around to come up with some explanations, just remember all you lackeys have come to the end of the 1MDB saga.
    Najib can impede many things or shall I say all things that are related to 1MDB but one thing sure he cannot perform the many wonders that he is now able to. Even his golfing buddy Obama will not be around then to have his name been published and be known. Three cheers for America’s transparency !
    Najib should start digging a tunnel from his house to Bugis in Indonesia to day while there is enough time for him to do so.

  8. on 07 Aug 2016 at 13: 05.24 charles wong

    The dishonest action of one, I reiterate just one person now entails the entire Umno and the members of the cabinet coming out with all kind of stupid excuses just to defend this one dishonest man. Or is it for these morons to do so just to ensure their gravy train is not disrupted ? How ridiculous ?
    These people, please take my advise, do and utter no more because the more you say the more of your stupidity is revealed.
    At this stage Najib can and prevent many things from taking place but can you impede him from falling from grace ? It is only a question of time and I hope and pray it will take place only after this shenanigan half breed Mahathir is gone from this earth. Make sure he pay for every sin he committed during his tenure of 22 years as PM, after all there is nothing much left now. Therefore it isn’t going to make any difference with this bunch of Umno ‘thieves’ around.
    The more initiatives this mamak is coming up with to catch his disciple the more he is revealing himself because it takes a thief to catch a thief or should I say it takes a bigger thief to catch a smaller thief or is this repugnant half breed trying to prevent Najib from having to pawn or to sell the twin towers and other mega projects he built that must have made him one of the richest man or may be the richest man around !

  9. on 07 Aug 2016 at 13: 23.35 charles wong


    Stop taking like a true moron, it would take you another generation or even two to undo the many marginalization policies that your mentor Mahathir has put in place. A good example is how are you going to have the 96% civil servants Malays replaced with the non Malays in another word how are going to implement the ratio of the population in the civil services to begin with ?
    Unless that is done there isn’t going to have equally for the non Malays in Malaysia ? One final question are these non Malays Malaysians borne in this country and don’t they pay taxes to keep the country rolling especially contributing to the billions needed by 1MBD ?

  10. on 08 Aug 2016 at 07: 52.26 charles wong


    Ever since the 1MDB scandal began your body language is telling on you.
    You don’t walk with the chest up and so on and so forth. Yes you have to be the most stressed PM in this world, therefore the saying that you can have the whole world but you cannot be happy. You have done so many things in recent times and continue to do so without any hesitation. The one thing you are doing and moving in the right direction is to expose all the atrocious policies of this half breed Mahathir. That is about the only right thing you are doing and since you are already very well known world wide.
    Why don’t you just have him indicted in court in the shortest time you can and have him locked up with Anwar for even a few days. After all this action is not going to damage your reputation any worse than to day. This will stop this chap chong from causing the endless chaos he is doing and don’t forget to throw the books at him and his useless and acumen-less ex MB son of his. At least you might be remembered to have done the nation a great favour aside from the many other actions you are known for. At least you might be doing Malaysia a gigantic favour by getting rid of the Mahathir corrupt legacy.

  11. on 08 Aug 2016 at 15: 45.51 charles wong


    Don’t just talk, a typical example of what the guilty always does but no action.
    We are all waiting and waiting and waiting !

  12. on 09 Aug 2016 at 08: 29.09 charles wong


    You are just trying to justify the employment of 1.5 million Malays in the civil services now that you are challenge to provide evidence. I bet you that you will not only are unable to do so but will change and divert your topic. That is a typical example of what this ‘Umno warriors’ are very good at. Besides the Malays are not the indigenous people of Malaysia and why should the Malays be given this special privilege.
    The indigenous people of Malaysia are the Orang Asli in west Malaysia and the Head Hunters in the East. Why were the Sakais called the Orang Asli and by who ? And do you know the meaning of the Orang Asli (original people ) and by the early arrival of the refugees from Indonesia. The only reason this country was named Malaya was simply to prevent the Dutch, who was already the colonial master of Indonesia then, to stake their claim of this country. Hence the English named this country a separate part of Indonesia. And if you care to go back and study the history of this country it was because of this the English named this country Malaya and called you the Malays just to impede the Dutch from claiming this be a part of Indonesia.
    Stop advertising your ignorance just like all the Malays before you and please go back to school and stop trying to distort or change the history of Malaya. Can one expects to get Ivory from the wild boars ? Even though the Malays wish that we all can forget the Orang Asli by fencing them up in the jungle fringe but that will never happen.