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I am very surprised to see my comments on the photo of Nurul Izzah and Jacel Karim, the controversial self-styled princess of Sulu, being taken out of context and I am being condemned over casual remarks to the media.

When I stepped into Parliament House on Thursday, I found myself surrounded by reporters who asked me to comment on the photograph of Nurul Izzah and Jacel Karim. I said as public figures we used to meet with all sorts of people in different occasions, and we always faced the requests of taking photographs or “selfie” with them. So I am not surprised to see the photo between Nurul Izzah and Jacel Karim as I have been asked to take photographs with people who have bad conduct or business too. Taking photographs with them doesn’t mean that we have compromised our principle or we agree with their conducts.

I asked those reporters”what’s a big deal about this photo? Why go to dig such old story (refer to the picture)?”

My position on the Sulu invasion of Lahad Datu is well documented and no one can misinterpret my strong support for our security forces.

I didn’t expect my casual remarks to the reporters to be manipulated and taken out of context, and are being used by my political foes to whack me.

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