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Today is the first day of Chinese New Year. As usual, I went to church for CNY mass, then went to KL Sgor Chinese Assembly Hall for the CNY open house.

When I arrived, I was surprise to see Mat Sabu was there earlier than me, this is the first time I saw him here. Then all the VVIPs, like Ambassador for China, MCA and Gerakan Leaders, PKR leaders like Kak Wan and Tan Sri Khalid came one after another.

MCA Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim came late, when he sat at the VIP table, I waved and smiled at him, then he responded by extending his ang pao to me. I happily received it. Then a photographer said he did not manage to catch the photo  and asked us to do it again. Donald Lim then took out another ang pao and gave to me for the press to take picture.

Ha ha!! I got two ang pao from MCA Selangor Chief today, besides getting one from Liow Tiong Lai’s wife.

Ang pao symbolise blessings in Chinese culture.

This is the advantage of being single during CNY, that allows  me to receive blessings from my political opponents.

Well, in CNY, we “cease fire” for a while and bless each other :-))




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