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Cops told to stop Bible burning

By K Pragalath
Free Malaysia Today
KUALA LUMPUR | Jan 23, 2013

Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has asked police to stop this Sunday’s Bible-burning programme planned by Pasukan Bertindak Anti Bible Bahasa Melayu, a previously unknown group.

“I would like your cooperation to stop them and increase the security level to ensure public safety and harmony,” he wrote to Penang police chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi in a letter made available to the media.

“We hope that the police can control the situation to avoid any untoward incidents.”

Lim’s call came a day after the discovery of a flyer urging Muslims to attend what the group called a “festival” to burn Malay-language Bibles at the Bagan Luar Municipality field in Butterworth.

The flyer reads: “Our children and grandchildren will end up being apostates if you want to wait for our impotent government to act.

“To Muslims who have copies of al-Kitab, bring them over to make our Bible-burning session merrier.”

Abdul Rahim has meanwhile released a press statement saying police had received seven reports about the distribution of Bibles to Muslim students of a school in Jelutong.

He said four of the reports were made by students of the school and the rest by other members of the public.

They submitted copies of the Bible to the police, Bernama quoted him as saying.

“All the Bibles are in the English language and the word ‘Allah’ does not feature in them,” he said.

Abdul Rahim said the case was being investigated under Section 298A of the Penal Code, which specifies penalties for actions that may cause disharmony, disunity, enmity, hatred or ill will on the grounds of religion. Offenders can be jailed for two to five years.

The Jelutong incident was raised last Thursday by several local residents, some of whom made a video recording of four people allegedly distributing Bibles at the gate of the school.

Abdul Rahim said the case had been referred to the Attorney-General.

One Response to “Cops told to stop Bible burning”

  1. on 24 Jan 2013 at 08: 11.01 najib manaukau

    The A.G. just like the police will not do anything about it, as their political master from Umno will not ever consent this ,period. Or are they not aware of what is going on ! May be that is why Malaysia is in a bloody shamble and will always remain in the third world. The one and only way out of all these ‘restrictions’ is to change the present tenants of Putrjaya in the coming GE. That is if Malaysia will hold a GE at all ! At the rate of what is going on are the scumbags and parasites hatching up a plot not to hold the GE and then hang on as the regime legitimate to remain as tenants of Putrajaya !