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My 2nd weekly podcast:-

This week, I would like to share with you some of her significant and memorable events in the year of 2012. Upon the reflection, the memorable things that I would like to highlight in this weekly address are:-

First, Utusan and the writer Datuk Chamil Wariya had admitted their fault for publishing the controversial article entitled “Politik Baru YBJ” and they had also publicly apologized to me in open court. 🙂

Second, I was was elected as one of the Central Executive Committees in the recent DAP National Congress which also the largest national congress ever held by the Party and then I was later appointed as the Party’s Vice Chairman.

Third, the speculation of undecided date of the general election has put many people and companies’ plans in limbo.

Fourth, thus far Selangor has attracted the most industrial investment in term of number of projects and amount of investment capital.

Happy New Year and wish you have a prosperous year ahead!

Teresa Kok

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