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By Edwarx R. Henry
The Star
KUALA LUMPUR | Dec 18, 2012

THE Selangor government is encouraging foreign and domestic companies in the state to come up with innovative ideas, while pushing for clean production processes.

Senior state executive councillor for Invest­ment, Industry & Trade, Teresa Kok said businesses must adapt green ideas that benefit the environment and give products or services an added edge.

“Our state is well poised to tap into the global green movement and has attracted a total investment of RM7.684bil from January till September this year.

“We are in the midst of crafting out various awards and incentive plans to encourage more firms to adopt low carbon emission and renewable energy efforts,” she said.

Kok added that the state government has introduced quit rent rebates for green buildings, free parking bays for hybrid cars, installation of energy-saving bulbs and solar power.

Earlier, Kok launched the “Selangor Global Green Seminar – Surfing the Green Wave” that was organised by Selangor State Investment Centre (SSIC) and supported by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia.

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia deputy representative Lin Min-Li said Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy hoped to generate 8% of its power through renewable means by 2025.

“We are exploring power options such as hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass and other potential resources.

“We have an island called Penghu where we have a low-carbon project.

“It has achieved recycling rates of up to 48.8%. Our aim is to share these experiences with Selangor,” he said.

Lin added that Taiwan was looking into business ventures with Malaysian companies in areas such as solar photovoltaic systems, LED lighting and biomass.

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