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Green technology is a raising trend and the future of the world. Its rapid growth in every aspect of humanity and the industry has created enormous business opportunities in every part of the world. In view to this, it’s essential to explore more business opportunities among the Malaysian, to jump on the bandwagon of green technology development.
因應國際綠色發展趨勢,推廣馬來西亞綠色科技應用 特邀在國際綠色科技研究發展(R&D)居有重要地位的台 灣
企業,台北101塔的负责人前來馬來西亞分享趨勢及建 世界最高的绿色高塔之路,共同提升馬來西亞綠色 能發展水準,並達到國際合作,以及與世界接軌的目 標。SELANGOR State Global Green Seminar ““Surfing the Green Wave”
Date: 17 December 2012 (Monday)
Time: 9am to 1pm
Venue: Shah Alam Convention Centre, Plenary Hall, Level 1, Jalan Perbadanan 14/9, 40000 Shah Alam.
Enquiry & Registration: 03-8023 7798 (Ms Tio)

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