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By Koh Jun Lin
KUALA LUMPUR | Nov 4, 2012

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said Pakatan Rakyat’s chances are best in Kelantan, followed by Selangor, Penang and lastly Kedah.

His assessment was based on his belief that BN’s race rhetorics will have lesser impact on Kelantan and Selangor.

“They (BN) are playing the racial game. It is more difficult to play the racial game in Selangor,” he told reporters at a press conference after officiating the DAP Selangor Annual Convention this morning.

He added that situation is similar in Penang. When asked why would BN play the racial card in the ethnically mixed state, Lim said it is because he is the only non-Malay chief minister.

“The point is that I am the only ethnic-Chinese and non-Muslim chief minister in Malaysia so I am an easy target. It is very clear isn’t it?”

Although the race card would alienate ethnic-Chinese voters that form a significant voting bloc in Penang, Lim pointed out that Pakatan Rakyat still needs ethnic-Malay support to ensure “a good victory” in the state.

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