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Press Statement by Teresa Kok, Selangor Senior State Exco

Shah Alam – 20 February 2012.


MIDA (Malaysia Industrial Development Authority)’s latest data on investment in Malaysia for 2011 by state shows that Selangor achieved a total value of approved industrial investment of RM 6.91 billion for 11 months in 2011. This is marginally higher than the RM 6.76 billion achieved for the whole of the year 2009 but admittedly less than the RM 10.65 billion for the entire year of 2010. This is not a worrying sign however, as there was a general downtown in investments in Malaysian states for the year 2011 compared to the year before.

Highest number of manufacturing projects

Selangor has again achieved the highest number of manufacturing projects approved in Malaysia with 236 projects, accounting for 31.2% of the whole of Malaysia. Selangor was followed by Johor in second place with 170 projects and Penang third with 90 projects.

Second highest number of jobs created

In addition, Selangor achieved the second highest number of employment opportunities created in 2011 with 16,108 jobs. This was second to Johor by around 6’000 jobs.

Domestic investment substantial

RM 3.79 billion or 54.8% of Selangor’s total capital investment came from foreign investors while domestic investors accounted for RM 3.12 billion or 45.2%, which is substantial. This shows that domestic investment remains important to Selangor state and domestic investors are continuing to invest under the current Pakatan Rakyat government.

Selangor still a consistent choice for investors from 2008-2011

These statistics reveal that Selangor, during the Pakatan Rakyat administration, continues to consistently be among the top three states in Malaysia for domestic and foreign investments. We look forward to maintaining this, if not bettering it, in the years to come with the support of the Malaysian electorate.

Teresa Kok

Note: Attached are the manufacturing projects investment statistics for Malaysian states and in particular Selangor – for 2011 provided by MIDA. These PDF documents are downloadable.

01. Overall by State Jan-Nov 2011

02. Selangor by Status Jan-Nov 2011

03. Selangor by Country Jan-Nov 2011

04. Selangor by Industry Jan-Nov 2011

05. Selangor by Location Jan-Nov 2011

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