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Hi YB Teresa Kok and Team,

I just want to share my experience at the BR1M voucher presentation at the Taman Danau Desa just then(18/02/2012 at 2 pm).

I registered as a recipient for BR1M Parlimen Seputeh at 2.30pm . I notice two very huge banners carrying the words ” Undi lah BN or Vote for BN) at the premises.

I was told to go inside the Dewan and I notice there were already hundreds of elderly people there ( some are coming in the wheelchair). For 2 hours (from 2 to 4 pm )they were forced to listen to a panel of BN politicians (UMNO and MCA)giving political speeches before they could collect their vouchers. The BN politicians were glorifying themselves but condemning PR through BR1M.

I was pissed-off and walked out from the Dewan after less than 10 minutes and asked one of the BN members or staff outside the Dewan if I could just collect my voucher and leave. I told them it was inappropriate to campaign for votes at the expense of these elderly people waiting endlessly which is definitely a big hassle for the weak old people, and I further told them I am not interested to listen to their political talk as this is not an election campaign.

Then one chinese man ( very sure an MCA man) told me I can choose not to collect the money. I told him off  and said the money does not belong to BN or MCA or Najib but from the taxpayers. This man asked me if I am Teresa Kok’s supporter and started to phone his kaki and took picture of me using his handphone, with an intention to harrass, threaten or frighten me, so to speak.

Dear YB and Team , this is to give you an idea and “wake-up” call on how aggressive these BN goons are. Please work harder to counter their attacks on Pakatan. Do discuss this within your Pakatan top leaders if Pakatan want to take Putrajaya come 13th GE.

I believe the same thing will happen in other BR1M voucher presentation in other areas. This is definitely a scheme for buying votes by BN.

God Bless Malaysia.

From a concerned Seputeh voter.


2 Responses to “Letter from a Seputeh voter: An ugly experience at the BR1M voucher presentation”

  1. on 20 Feb 2012 at 10: 19.53 Winston

    These people are very desperate to hold onto power.
    So, they are behaving like they have nothing to lose.
    They are also trying to clean out the treasury before they’re kicked out!
    Give such incidents as wide coverage as possible by all possible means.
    Use such incidents as an attack mode against the BN.
    In fact, the PR have no lack of such shenanigans to whack them thanks to the BN politicians themselves!

  2. on 20 Feb 2012 at 12: 15.11 nstman

    These Umno flunkies think the money is from their grandfather. Shameless #####