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Yesterday, 7 Dec 2011 is a happy day for all members of the school board and Parents Teachers Association of SJKC Sin Ming. The dream of having neighbouring land for school expansion has finally come true. Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Chief Minister of Selangor attended the earth-breaking ceremony for the expanded building.

MB has attended a Chinese New Year programme at SJKC Sin Ming in 2009 when he was told about the predicament of the school where they don’t have enough land to do school expansion, and students increased tremendously in last few years. The school board told MB that the landowner next to the school, Bukit Hitam Development Bhd refused to give land to them. MB then said he will acquire land for the school if land owner refuse to give land to the school.

I then followed up with the school board and Bukit Hitam Development representatives on the matter. Bukit Hitam has made several offers to SJKC Sin Ming to other site in the future development area, but the school reserved lands concern already surrender to Federal government and education ministry already has plan to build schools in those areas.

SJKC Sin Ming school board then rejected the offer and insisted to buy or have land next to the existing school. The school board has been requesting school land from Bukit Hitam since 2001, they have some how lost faith to various offers made by the land owner.

In order to help Sin Ming, our MPSJ councillors then forced to jam few projects at local council, to force the company to talk to the state. After a new GM, Edward Lee comes in, we then started to resume communication. Mr Lee then told us that the company has some bad experiences with the previous BN government. As a public listed business oriented company, they don’t agree with the way state government to “force” them to give land to the school.

In a meeting with the directors of Bukit Hitam, I  told them that the state government just wish to help the school and we don’t intend to jam their projects, we can always work out a win-win solution for the school where it doesn’t make the company to suffer losses. Bukit Hitam directors then come out a land/project exchange proposal for us to consider. After a few discussions, the deal of exchanging a 9 acres of industrial land with a RM25 million cash for MPSJ to build sports complex and 1.8 acres of school land then presented.

I then pushed it through MPSJ and state exco for decision. The state exco meeting then  approved it last month. After the earth breaking ceremony being conducted, the school new building is expected to be completed by end of next year.

SJKC Sin Ming has been wanting to have extra school land since 2001, they have gone to BN those days but things not done. After MB agreed to help the school, it took me almost 3 years to help the school to materialise their dream. Thanks to our MPSJ and Sepang councillors, especially Ng Sze Han, Lwi Kean Kiong, Santokh Singh, Stephen Chin.  thanks to our DO of Sepang and YDP of MPSJ for their assistance too. They all have played important role to make this a success, especially Ng Sze Han, he is instrumental in making the MOU and project finalised at mpsj.

And of course, without the persistence of the school board members of Sin Ming for the last 10 years, their dream would not come true too.
This school expansion project will allow the school to take in another 1000 students. This will certainly make the Puchong people rejoice.  And I am happy that. I have played a role in making this project/dream materialised.

3 Responses to “The dream of SJKC Sin Ming Puchong comes true”

  1. on 09 Dec 2011 at 00: 58.46 bruno

    In the end getting things done are the most important thing than Umno’s all talk and no action
    policy.Eventually Umno’s own tin kosong propaganda machines and their corrupted past will catch up with them.That will be their Waterloo.

  2. on 09 Dec 2011 at 09: 29.40 LX

    YB Teresa, someone has flagged your blog as offensive material and preventing me from sharing this in the FB. I have written to FB to unblock your blog with the appropriate reason given.

  3. on 09 Dec 2011 at 17: 25.07 Teresa Press

    Thank you.