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There is grave cause for concern with Malaysia’s intended trade agreements with countries such as the US, and EU states, especially given its implications on trade on goods, agricultural products, accessibility to affordable health services and supplies, labour rights protection, the environment, and many more rakyat-affecting matters.

I would like to encourage Malaysians, especially those who are concerned about the nation’s health and economic independence to attend the above conference on 3 December 2011 at 9.30am, at the Bilik Gerakan 1st Floor, MPPJ, (Petaling Jaya). Among the speakers at the event are: Charles Santiago – MP Klang, Sanya Reid Smith & Lim Li Ching – Third World Network, Fifa Rahman – MyWATCH.

While investments & trade contracts and agreements are a norm in today’s expanding economy, these particular proposed trade agreements, involving Malaysia, aim to favour large companies over the interests and rights of local traders and as well the everyday Malaysian.

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