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I was at the Hormati Suara Rakyat public rally held at Kelana Jaya stadium last night. I was impressed that the civil society organisations took their own initiative to organise this event and that about 500 people turned up, braving the heavy rain and thunderstorm.

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S’gor amendments will be a win for rakyat

Zaidatul Syreen Abdul Rashid
Jan 23, 11

Tomorrow’s assembly sitting ‘historic’

The state assembly sitting is being convened to deliberate on amendments to the state constitution following a controversial appointment by the BN-led federal government of one Mohd Khusrin Munawi as the Selangor government secretary.

ngo pro selangor government rally 230111 faekahThe state government has argued that it had been marginalised from the decision to appoint Khusrin, who as director of the Selangor religious department Jais, had been seen as a thorn in the side of the Pakatan-led government.

Following assertions that the appointment of Khusrin was done according to constitutional provisions, the Selangor government moved to amend the state charter to allow the return of greater powers to the menteri besar and sultan over the appointment of senior state officers.

At the rally today, the menteri besar’s political secretary Faekah Husin (left) said tomorrow’s event will be a historic one which the rakyat would never forget.

“It is to correct the appointment system correctly. The appointment of the Selangor state secretary should not be hurried,” she said, adding that the right candidate for the state secretary should be based and chosen upon their capabilities rather than political allegiance.

President of Islamic group Jamaaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) Zaid Kamaruddin said today’s event was not a political stunt nor was it funded by any political party but an initiative by the Selangor rakyat themselves.

Civil society leaders called today for the rakyat to assert their rights by making their presence known at the state assembly sitting convened over amendments to the Selangor constitution.

ngo pro selangor government rally 230111 ambigaSpeaking at the ‘Hormati Suara Rakyat Selangor’ (Respect the voices of Selangor people) rally in Kelana Jaya today, former Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenevasam (right) said it is the rakyat that decided which government would lead the state.

As such, the issue of who serves as their government secretary should be as much the concern of the ordinary rakyat as it is that of the Pakatan Rakyat-led administration and Selangor Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim.

“This is not only the rights of the Selangor rakyat but it’s the rights of all rakyat. Bersih 2,0 has often urged the rakyat to work together to continue efforts in a fair election.

ngo pro selangor government rally 230111 01“We need all the support and assistance to make Malaysia a democratic country but as highlighted earlier today, there are still a lot of matters that require our attention,” she told the crowd of 100 people.

Bersih 2.0 is the advocacy movement campaigning for free and fair elections.

Ambiga said it is important to have a strong government with transparency and integrity as it would improve the administration of this country.

Ambiga also stressed that today’s event is to ensure that the legacy left today for the next generations is the right one, in contrast to other developments such as the levelling of racial slurs, the stomping on cow-heads to protest the relocation of a Hindu temple, church- and surau-firebombings, corruption on large scale, abuse of power, the use of draconian laws, torture and deaths under police custody.

These have all left and painted a layer of negativity for the younger generations, said Ambiga.

“Is that something we can be proud of? I think we have disappointed the next generations,” she said.

Ambiga, who wore black as a sign of respect for custodial death victim M Krishnan whose cremation was held today in Kuala Lumpur, said such deaths are unnecessary.

“We need a government who are responsible for the rakyat’s well-being,” she added.

Does the rakyat condone such abuses of power, racism and corruption?

“No!” the crowd said in resounding response to her question.

One Response to “Hormati Suara Rakyat Selangor public rally”

  1. on 25 Jan 2011 at 13: 55.38 pa

    I think the S’gor gov’t is just plain stupid. They have been wrongly advised by so-called constitutional experts.

    Most legally qualified commentators writing in ‘loyar burok’ blog said the ‘appropriate service commission’ is indeed the State’s Service Comm. They quoted Art.94 and 97 Selangor Consti read together with sect.66 of Interpretation Act 48.

    Ex-Judge NH Chan even said that there has never been an appointment nor a secondment u/Art 134 FC of Kushrin as SS. Yet the State Gov’t following misplaced advice went ahead to try to amend Art.52.

    Wouldn’t it be much better for them to appoint their own SS based on those articles mentioned above ie 94 and 97 and let the PSC appointee go to court to challenge the legality of the State appointed SS. And if the Fed court ruled, since the matter being a constitutional issue, that PSC is the appropriate commission, then there is justiciable ground to amend the S’gor Consti. Until such a ruling has been made, then the S’gor Govt shld follow sound legal advice given by ‘loyar buroks’ that the ‘appropriate service comm’ is their own State Comm.

    As it is they are putting the cart bf the horse. There is dispute as to who is the ‘appropriate Service Comm’. Fed Gov’t and Umno lawyers say it is the PSC. Independent lawyers and Ex-Judge NH Chan says it is the State’s service Comm.

    I think Khalid Ibrahim has been wrongly advised by those constitutional experts who think that they know the law better than practicing lawyers and the Ex-CA Judge who have given gratuitous advice. Just read all their articles in ‘loyar buruk’ and you can conclude that the action to amend the State Consti is a stupid and unwise move.