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My God, I never knew that Puchong was such an area of sin 🙁

Look at this news report in The Malay Mail today.
Live-and-let-live sex in Puchong

By Najmuddin Najib and Teoh El Sen December 04

In the live-and-let-live sin town of Puchong, where prostitutes openly sell sex a stone’s throw from the main police station. Sex is even sold to the rest of Klang Valley and beyond — through the Internet.

A Malay Mail probe has unearthed the existence of online brothels operating under the guise of health spas in several budget hotels in the heart of Puchong.

Disturbingly, one such Internet-linked brothel is located near the Puchong police headquarters.

Residents say Internet access has opened avenues to tempt the young to have sex with prostitutes and spread the reach of the sex trade.

A reader who requested anonymity said; “Red-light districts are traditionally known as urban areas where prostitution and other businesses in the sex industry are available.

“But now, every computer with Internet access — from the one in your office to the one in your child’s bedroom — can link one to the sex trade.”

Our investigations revealed that vice syndicates in Puchong and its sister township of Subang Jaya have gone online by collectively promoting their “products” on a custom-built website.

It is a one-stop site for sex-seekers, complete with photo galleries of the girls available, details of their nationalities, the services offered and the fee.

The website name is derived from the term “Cheongster”, used to describe someone who enlists a prostitute’s services. “Cheong” is Cantonese for “rush”.

Malay Mail has been monitoring the website for weeks.

On the main page, prospective customers can click on the scroll down button to view pictures of the prostitutes based on their nationalities, which include China nationals, Russians, Thais, Vietnamese and Indonesians.

A thumbnail gallery of the women would then appear, with the manner of their dressing leaving little to the imagination.

Listed too are handphone numbers as well as hotline numbers of agents.

After placing a booking, the customer then makes his way to the spa for the rendezvous.

The website has proven to be a hit among Internet users, attracting more than 300,000 views from not only Malaysia, but also India and Singapore.

A check yesterday showed that the website was closed down yet again for “maintenance”.

When a Malay Mail reporter, posing as a customer, called the numbers on the website, the agents on the other end gave him confirmation of the brothels, including the one less than 500 metres from a police station.

“Yes, our new promotion is RM188 per girl. It was RM209 before. It is complete with sauna, jacuzzi, free meals, bath and the full service,” said the agent, who claimed that they were the cheapest in Kuala Lumpur and that “satisfaction is guaranteed”.

He explained that an extra fee might be imposed, depending on distance, for the girls to be sent over to a customer’s home.

“The girls are of course pretty. Just come over and take your pick, at anytime. You can even stay the whole day for RM203.”

BUDGET HOTEL NOTE: Subang Jaya district police chief ACP Zainal Rashid Abu Bakar said police and the Subang Jaya Municipal Council closed down the hotel in question in Puchong a year ago.

However, our check showed that it was still in operation.

Police believe criminals have been using spas based in budget hotels as a front for organised prostitution.

3 Responses to “Live-and-let-live sex in Puchong”

  1. on 05 Dec 2008 at 15: 02.25 rizalman

    hai Y.B

    The only solution is PDRM wiped them out…

  2. on 06 Dec 2008 at 15: 51.05 ceang

    Hi Teresa,

    The flesh trade is literally present in all towns. One just need to know where to look or who to call. Legal loopholes also provide an avenue for prostitution to thrive from massage parlours and spas to mushrooming reflexology outlets. Is there a way to battle them?

    Can the police ever wipe prostitution out? The clear answer is NO. When there is demand, there will always be supply. Trying to wipe out the supply when the demand exists is foolish. Let us all try not to be naive about prostitution.

    One reason for the steady rise in HIV/AIDS cases is because the government does not want to accept the fact that we cannot wipe prostitution out. Unfortunately many people in high places are also not allowing the fight to carry on. The fight to educate people about the disease and its transmission is paramount. Education about safe sex is important from advocating condom usage to needle exchange programmes. Advocating condom usage does not equate condoning promiscuity.

    Politicians and policy makers should set aside their personal prejudices about sexual morality. The aim is to save Humankind from the devastating effects of this virus. Unfortunately the crusaders against HIV/AIDS are few and insignificant. It almost seems a taboo to even speak about the disease.

    Perhaps YB should be an advocate against HIV/AIDS. It takes courage to face detractors and take on a disease that transcends medicine, politics and religion. Preaching safe sex does not make one less religious but displays a maturity far beyond that of the ordinary.

  3. on 06 Dec 2008 at 16: 24.52 tailik

    d only solution is to topple d current corrupted regime racist umno & PR gomen to reform polis, AG, ACA & Judiciary !
    all this enforcement gomen agency has become a power tools just helping regime & theirs cronies/family to ‘korek korek korek….’ nation wealth ‘legally’ & regime were protect by their ‘Jungle Law’ of OSA, PPP Act, Sedition Act & finally ISA !