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I stay in Bukit Indah, OUG. Yesterday there was a car theft in front of my house. There were 3 men who broke into my neighbor’s car, because the car alarm went off, and they looked very suspicious. (The car was parked outside her house) I called the police at 1.18am (13th June 2008) at 03-22742222. I called immediately after noticing them. They transferred my called to ‘Bilik Gerakan’.

After informing them about the theft, and also telling them that the thieves were still there and probably would be fleeing off soon. The policeman on the line immediately responded by saying, “Telepon saya bila mereka(thieves) datang lagi!”.

I was surprised and disgusted by his response. I had even given him information such as the thieves’ car plate number, type of car and colour of car. But they didn’t even take the initiative to come and investigate the matter. The thieves were at the car for more than 10minutes! If the police made their move, they might have been able to apprehend the thieves.

I tried my best to be a useful citizen by helping my neighbour, but sadly it failed and I am very disappointed with the people who are supposed to protect us. As a Malaysian, I feel very unsafe anymore seeing the attitude of the people who are supposed to protect our citizens and country.



Hi Michelle, yes, the petrol price hike is killing. All of us are going to suffer. I appreciate of your effort to do the petition and I believe many people will sign on it. However, I think we should “bomb” the email of the Prime Minister or Shahrir Samad instead of mine

I don’t mind to put your petition on my blog but I think we should encourage people to email to the PM and publicise his email id. What do you think?


12 Responses to “More horror stories abt our PDRM”

  1. on 14 Jun 2008 at 12: 23.51 lileechew

    Hi Teresa,
    How do you do? I am a student from UM. I’m staying in Seksyen 17 and drive to UM almost everyday via Jalan 17/1 and Jalan University. Since last month, the metal covers on the pedestrian trek along and also beside these two roads were almost all stolen. The only things left were open holes everywhere and the trek were badly damaged. Things getting worst when the covers on the main road at the Jalan University flyover were also gone. The scrap metal thieves are excessive and without thinking their action could claim lives of road users. I actually have emailed this matter to Edward Lee who is a Seksyen 17 and gasing state assemblyman but i’m not sure if he has received my email as i did not hear any feedback from him. I also made call to MBPJ but coundn’t get through. I think beside these two areas, many more similar cases happen elsewhere. I wish your authority would take this matter seriously and immediate action is needed before any accident happen. Perhaps, replace the metal covers with other alternative with no reuseable value. There must be someone else who buy these stolen metals. Hence, tract their link and arrest them. It could be a tedious task as our police is not really efficient, but just try the best for better future. Take good care and wishing you everything can be done smoothly

    Li Lee

  2. on 14 Jun 2008 at 16: 59.13 Chong Zhemin

    What has Petrol price anything to do with the car theft? I don’t get it….

  3. on 15 Jun 2008 at 09: 29.38 lee wee tak

    petrol price increase so everything goes up and thieves need to maintain their living standards also

    I am making worse case scenario guesses:
    1) the copper was utterly useless, mental retard, lazy good for nothing that do not deserve our tax money; or

    2) the bugger is a racist. I heard from my Chinese ex-coworkers once that the Malay police staff at a station refused to assist her when they came in bleeding after being assaulted by mat rempits. The police woman taking down the report told her, ” let me finish watching my TV show first”. I cannot verify the authensity of the story except noted that she was really really pissed; or

    3) after getting to know the thieves’ car number, the copper noticed that it is his friend/brother/father so he would not intervene.

    Pretty wild guesses but the sad sad truth is that PDRM, like the PM and the Speaker of the Dewan, leave me with very little confidence and truck load of disgust!

    Petition for what? Where do I sign?

  4. on 15 Jun 2008 at 11: 05.37 badcliq

    Petrol too expensive…police department no money to buy petrol to go and arrest theives! LOL

  5. on 15 Jun 2008 at 13: 13.16 csloo66

    I am a resident at Bandar Puchong Jaya.
    I share the same frustration with the writer on PDRM efficiency. My house was broken in 3 weeks ago, I told the police patrol officer attending to me that the thief’s car is a silver colour Peugeot 405, but I didn’t get the car number plate number. I requested the police to set road block to track down the thief’s car but I was told by the officer that they cannot do it without the car number plate number (the break-in just happened less than 10 min ago). How many silver Peugeot 405 car could be on the road that evening, especially in Puhong ????
    Again, My wife’s handbag was snatched at Bandar Puteri in the broad daylight yesterday.
    Leave the PDRM aside, I just want to find out what has our representative done to improve the public security in her constituency, as what she pledged during the election ?
    Appreciate if someone could enlighten me !

  6. on 15 Jun 2008 at 15: 57.04 damocles

    It’s not surprising at all.
    In fact, it is to be expected!
    If you have a head of the country who is utterly useless, then it follows that most, if not everything at the lower levels will be equally useless.
    It’s a truism.
    Just look at Singapore. With Lee Kuan Yew at the helm, everyone in the government MUST PERFORM or else he/she better get lost!
    For your information, if you take a walk to the KL traffic HQ in Jalan Tun H.S. Lee, you’ll notice a lot of motor cycles and cars parked on the five-foot way near the flyover, just meters from the HQ.
    Even more surprisingly, you’ll find some police motor bikes and partol cars parked in a like manner!!
    They are there to patronise the stalls beneath the flyover. But isn’t the five-foot way meant for pedestrians? So, if the police themselves are also law-breakers, how do you expect them to enforce the law?
    So, no matter what the BN government says about reforms, just treat it as a lot of bull.

  7. on 15 Jun 2008 at 17: 04.59 kenny4z

    It’s very common in Malaysia call police when in emergency. You can at any time just try to call the Police department by using their published telephone number, then u will realise what kind of protection we have as a ordinary citizen from the police force…

  8. on 16 Jun 2008 at 01: 19.34 jessying

    2 weeks ago my belonging was snatched at a public area, immediately I called the police which ask plenty of unnecessary question and then transfer me again and same the same whole questions again, nwhich is a waste of time.

    Time is the essence in this apprehending theft and robbery and to prevent such incident, shouldnt the so called bilik gerakan should have a system like Call Centre do, key in the info and immediately send people over , but rather transfer me to the police station in my area to take the call.

    How come Government so rich (after reducing subsid) cant afford to set up a computerised system to key in all information, when we call 999 and send the police immediately? This is call efficiency and effectiveness and excelency. We need a system !

    I EMAIL PAK LAH FROM HIS WARKAH UNTUK PM WEBSITE, all i got was an automated reply to confirm they receive my complain and NOTHING ELSE, NO ONE WILL EMAIL TO CLARIFY OR EXPLAIN TO US. WHY SET UP WEBSITE WHEN HE DONT EVEN INTEND TO REPLY, mesti pasal wayang kulit.

  9. on 16 Jun 2008 at 10: 12.11 Elwin Heng

    It is not surprise!
    Even more ridiculous happened to my neighbors!

    I stay in Tmn Sg Besi.
    Beginning of 2008, there was a gang of 5ppls and they looked very suspicious ‘started working’ at my neighbor’s house! This incident was happened around 4.15-5.30pm Saturday; I’d convinced by my other neighbors that called to our so called ‘human bodyguard department’ but do nothing?! Exactly same scenario or statement given by them, “Telepon saya bila mereka(thieves) datang lagi!” or “We are on our way…(until our ‘friends’ gone, no body show up?!)”

    Must wait until my neighbor made a report, then only response! Wait…wait…according to my neighbor, being informed must lodge a report @Cheras p.station; can’t make it @Salak Selatan p.station even living in Tmn Sg Besi! So troublesome!

    Lodged a report, a representative only show up min. an hour(60mins) later… however, he spent only less than 15mins to ‘chin-chai’ look.c.look.c then said “Collected enough information(such as suspect’s identity, car plate number, type of car, colour of car, & etc. as shown below) or evidence!” When asked him, when or how to ‘investigate/arrest’ them, common statement-“No comment!”

    :WG^ 6(3=)1 Proton Wira Aeroback (apple green).
    :Driver, 30-38 fat Chinese, dark tone skin, curly hair.
    :Front seat, 30-35 muscular Chinese, fair skin.
    :Back seat, (1)28-33 fat Chinese, dark tone skin, (2)38-45 slim muscular Chinese, fair skin with tattoo, (3)28-33 muscular Indian, short curly hair.

    Bare more attention if notice it get close to u?!

    Warmest regards,

  10. on 17 Jun 2008 at 10: 34.08 leguan

    YB Teresa,

    “If you have a head of the country who is utterly useless, then it follows that most, if not everything at the lower levels will be equally useless.
    It’s a truism.
    Just look at Singapore. With Lee Kuan Yew at the helm, everyone in the government MUST PERFORM or else he/she better get lost!” – democles

    “We just cannot compare Malaysia with Singapore whenever we talk about government inefficiencies because the word “meritocracy’ simply can’t be found in our government’s dictionary! “It is not fair to compare an apple and an orange”, in the words of our PM.
    The government might have forgotten that keeping an efficient police force has nothing to do with the government’s affirmative policy of helping the Malays in economic and other fields. It is more about combating crimes, maintaining peace and public order, so that ordinary people can carry on their activities efficiently, and tourists and foreign investors would find Malaysia an attractive destination to visit and do business. At least this is my opinion regarding the role of our mata-mata.
    Advanced countries such as the USA have lousy sheriffs in certain parts of the country, too. In Malaysia’s case, public complaints against the police are more common. For a start, police stations should have a multi-racial staff and appear as friendly as possible so that the public, especially Chinese, will not shy away from reporting petty crimes. One often hears people say, “Don’t waste your time going to the balai to make a report. They won’t heed or come one-lah.”
    My neighbour elders used to tell me that during the Emergency in the early 1950s the British authority recruited Chinese youths as policemen even though they could barely speak English. Their rationale was that the police patrolmen made up of ethnic Chinese policemen can do the job more effectively in predominantly Chinese neighbourhoods since they can interact with their kind and they would not averse to speak to the police about their problems. Since having an efficient police force has nothing to do with the government’s affirmative policy then the government should be colour blind when recruiting people into the force. Don’t give such excuses as Chinese youths don’t like to join police force because of the low pay, or they don’t like to wear uniform, etc. Relax the criteria a bit on non-Malay trainees and taking into consideration their needs while undergoing training. The government will see wonders.
    I have veered from the main topic but I think the government can greatly enhance the image of PDRM if the BN leaders are willing to be RATIONAL and exercise MERITOCRACY.


  11. on 20 Jun 2008 at 23: 49.54 lee wee tak

    it is in the interest of certain party to have mono-race element, I really hope not. MCA did try to up the recruitment of Chinese youth into PDRM, no?

    anyway, whatever mono-race dominance is unhealthy.

    We Malaysians should discard this race mental barrier.

    the thing is that with a powerful IPCMC and apolitical civil servants at all level, and internalisation of all civil servants that the people do not owe them a living but they who owe the people a living, only then we can really see a genuine article.

    PDRM pay is low and result in detrimental behaviour. We need a complete structure overhaul.

    Good policemen comes from family & schools that give good guidance.

  12. on 21 Jun 2008 at 15: 05.07 new era

    Read the latest at malaysia today on allegation of cover up in the murder of altantuya implicating AAB, Sil and many more persons. Kabbom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!