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Today I went to Salak South New Village market to thank voters. When I arrived there at the food and drinks section, many people were sitting at their tables and waiting for me. I went around to shake hands with them and thanked them for voting for me and the DAP in this general elections.

I then used the hailer to speak to the crowd. I thanked the voters for creating history by giving me the highest margin of votes in the country. I said that this achievement is the achievement of the voters of Seputeh constituency and we all have created the history together.

I also told them that the people of Malaysia finally have created history by breaking the two thirds majority in the Parliament and have elected the DAP-PKR-PAS to rule in 5 states. I told the new village folks that I will not neglect them although I have been voted into the Selangor state assembly and be an exco

Note: Please read this for more info.

50 Responses to “Residents of Salak South New Village Celebrate Elections Victory With Teresa”

  1. on 19 Mar 2008 at 17: 55.24 Ivan_Chang

    Teresa when are u visiting puchong or places like ss2 ?

  2. on 19 Mar 2008 at 20: 54.41 Sun Boy

    Just a word of friendly advice. There are many people read your blog, including Malays and Indians. With the title “Roasted Pigs” and picture of 5 pigs, I don’t think it is appropriate. You could just mention it in passing. You know what I mean. Please be a bit sensitive.

  3. on 19 Mar 2008 at 21: 42.10 ksng38

    Congratulation for the victory. I totally agree that you need to be more sensitive as you are now representing the ruling government in Selangor and NOT the opposition. Your enemies are waiting to pick up just any little things and make them into a big issue which will drain your energy and time. Just focus on what you have pledged to do and start to do what you need to do for the good of the people.

  4. on 19 Mar 2008 at 22: 16.33 Lim Koo

    A senior monk and a junior monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As the monks were preparing to cross the river, they saw a young woman also attempting to cross. The young woman asked if they could help her.

    The senior monk carried this woman on his shoulder, forded the river and let her down on the other bank. The junior monk was very upset, but said nothing.

    They both were walking and senior monk noticed that his junior was suddenly silent and enquired “Is something the matter, you seem very upset?”

    The junior monk replied, “As monks, we are not permitted a woman, how could you then carry that woman on your shoulders?”

    The senior monk replied, “I left the woman a long time ago at the bank, however, you seem to be carrying her still.”

  5. on 19 Mar 2008 at 22: 16.38 mohhy

    Dear YB Teresa:

    What the Sun boy commented was correct, I think DAP YBs must really watch out what they say and what they do, YB Lim Guan Eng too must be very careful of what he says, people are watching, weighing, how deep are you? what can you offer after you have got the power and authority? Like many people said, stop behaving as you are still the opposition?


  6. on 19 Mar 2008 at 22: 48.26 pablopabla


    I understand your concern and kind advise. IMHO, I think we should give more credit to our Malay and Indian friends that they are much more open to “roasted pigs” or pictures of pigs than to be sensitive about it. Otherwise, we would not be selling roast pork rice openly (as can be seen in coffeeshops). 😀

  7. on 19 Mar 2008 at 23: 52.26 Sun Boy

    We live in a multi-racial and multi-cultural society. There are rights that we claim to be ours. Sure we have rights, but those rights might be offensive to others. So what do we do? Please understand what I am trying to say. I have no hangup about pigs or other things. Nor do I still carry the “taboos”. It is better to think about others interest first before you go ahead and do something you think it is your right to do. I am concern about the reputation of DAP as a party of all races. That is why I want to give a friendly advise. Sure, the Malays today are more open, and we thank God for that. But we still cannot assume it is ok.

  8. on 20 Mar 2008 at 01: 03.08 reginashwartz

    Ai-ya Teresa, when I read your blog title, I thought it was going to be a joke. But then you were serious.

    I also eat pork, but when I read this post, I feel that your title and the picture might be offensive to some.

    You must remember, we’ve been living in a new Malaysia since 9’th March 2008. It’s okay to acknowledge the celebration thrown for your victory, but no need to state it in peoples face like this la right?

    I suggest you choose a more subtle title la, maybe like “Feast to celebrate elections victory” would be just fine to everybody.

    Hope you would consider this la ok?

    Best regards & congratulations.

  9. on 20 Mar 2008 at 01: 20.12 antares

    Sun Boy does have a point, Teresa. I saw your blogpost heading on the Malaysiakini site and was immediately aware that under the present circumstances when wounded egos and injured pride haven’t had time to heal the grotesque imagery of “5 roasted pigs” might be linked to the ignominy of 5 states “lost” and provoke unnecessary resentment. As one who is totally opposed to censorship it might seem strange that I would advise a degree of sensitivity here. However, now is as good a time as any for me to say my piece about the DAP. Since its inception after the divorce between Singapore and Malaysia in 1965, the party has been perceived as a branch of the PAP, a predominantly Chinese affair. Even today, the Rocket is still associated with Malaysian Chinese aspirations. When I was growing up in Batu Pahat (yes, Kit Siang and I are from the same kampong:-) there were hardly any Malays living in the urban areas, so I only ever mixed with Malay friends in school. Looking back, I never really understood the Malay psyche until I began living amongst the Orang Asli (the Temuan tribe used to be classified as Proto-Malays because they share the same genetic and linguistic origins, the only difference being they never embraced Islam). Each ethnic community has its own unique traits and each has its special qualities. Because of the racial politics symbolized by the formation of the original Alliance (now BN) with each component party representing a specific race, the last 50 years have seen little real progress in terms of a deep understanding and therefore unbreakable bonds amongst the various communities. In fact, my own parents were guilty of trying to pass on their own racial prejudices, though they failed miserably with me. For some reason I’ve always been attracted to darker complexions so I had many opportunities to
    forge close friendships with, initially, Indians and much later I began to appreciate the lovable qualities of the Malays – at least before that Megalomanic Mamak came along claiming to be more Malay than thou with his infamous ‘Malay Dilemma.’
    It was during the Mahathir era that the urbanized Melayu Baru was forged – a whole different species from the Malay of yesteryear who still lived in the rural areas amidst the bounty of nature. And as I came to love and celebrate the delightful differences of all the races, I also began to see more clearly where the stereotyping begins and where prejudice ends. The Malays value subtlety and self-effacement, while immigrant Chinese tend to be obtuse and noisy; and Indians are often regarded as emotional, addicted to melodrama. Well, stereotypes often contain a large degree of truth. When you love somebody you don’t see their quirks as “faults” but as “endearing qualities.” Coming back to the 5 roasted pigs: by making it the bold heading of the post, you were consciously or unconsciously drawing attention to DAP’s legendary pork-loving Chineseness. No doubt we have every right to enjoy our pork and brandy. But knowing full well that our neighbors may have a taboo against the things we love, we can at least as good neighbors be a wee bit more discreet, more sensitive to their dietary prohibitions. You wouldn’t, for example, hang a leg of beef in the porch if your next-door neighbor were devoutly Hindu, would you? That sort of behavior is asking for trouble and downright kasar. Now that the DAP is part of what we all hope is sustainable coalition with PKR and PAS – and you are no longer just an Opposition party, indeed, you have been given the mandate to form the next government of Malaysia (which would have happened if the BN hadn’t cheated, and thank heaven they did or the shock of DAP/PKR/PAS becoming the Federal Government overnight might well have destabilized the country).
    Now, fate has mercifully given us all a bit of time to get accustomed to the idea of the Opposition becoming the Government (and vice versa) so when it actually happens we’ll manage okay! Getting back to the point: just as DAP wants to see PAS get off its Islamic high-horse, I feel everybody else would be overjoyed to see the DAP become less obtuse, a little less Ching-Chong Chinaman. That’s what happens when we merge cultures and beliefs to form
    a new synthesis called THE TRUE MALAYSIAN. Let’s take a cue from the new MB of Perlis, Nizar, who wasted no time winning the admiration of his constituents by making a speech in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, Tamil, English, and Malay within two days of his installation. DAP has so much to learn from PAS who have led Kelantan for 18 years.

  10. on 20 Mar 2008 at 02: 47.30 Dr San Oo Aung

    Dear YB Teresa,

    Thank you for the support you have given to the Burmese people and for your words that our Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is your icon.

    I refrained from writing anything regarding the Malaysian Politics because I am scared of backlash from your government. I used to write in Wikipedia, Burmese websites and my blog about Burma politics, Burmese History and about various groups of Muslims in Burma.

    But your web heading, “Teresa Kok’s Celebrate Elections Victory” (sorry I am disgusted to use your real heading)forced me to comment that you are immature in real politics (I mean you are good at an opposition politician but need more social skills to be a Deputy MB. Please read how to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie).

    And DSAI need to tame or train many of your DAPs to become the real Malaysian Politicians for all the Malaysians.

    Yes, DSAI need to change the extremist PAS leaders also. If DSAI could achieve that, he could become the PM of Malaysia. If he could not tame the two extremities he would not be able to achieve his dreams.

    I totally agree with the following two commenters and wish to salute them from my bottom of the heart for their thoughtfulness and beautiful choice of words and ideas.

    Sun Boy

    Dr San Oo Aung, Burma.

    If you are angry with me, OK. But please don’t abandon your support for Burma.

  11. on 20 Mar 2008 at 10: 05.28 pablopabla

    I rest my case. The picture has been edited as Teresa deems fit. Perhaps, only perhaps, to err on the side of caution and sensitivity. I do get the point raised by the other commenters.

    My only wish is that Malaysians would learn to see past such sensitivities as the way forward. We have to learn to be “numb” to things like this for if not, we would continue to be sensitive and risk disharmony due to our sensitivity. My point is, there is no difference between the picture of roasted pigs or celebration ala chinese style as against the slaughter of cows or celebration thereof. I admit it will take time and perhaps generations for us to try to remove this sensitivity from our feelings but it has to start somewhere.

    Are we prepared to accept everyone else’s culture and beliefs with respect and understanding and not be sensitive about it if it goes against our own culture and beliefs? Mutual understanding is far more important than mutual tolerance. What we are now trying to do is to tolerate but not understand. And we struggle in that process because there is not enough civil discussion to try to understand why we should tolerate. We always tell each other that due to “sensitivities”, we should not discuss certain subjects deemed as taboo (race and religion especially). The danger with tolerance without a proper sense of understanding is that if tolerance reaches breaking point, there is a danger of explosion. On the other hand, it makes one easier to tolerate if there is understanding.

    Many Chinese love pork and roast pig is deemed to be a grand feast of celebrations and thanksgiving (to those who don’t quite understand what’s the fuss about roast pig). Feasting on roast pig is not an everyday affair but only on special occasions. There is nothing sinister about 5 roast pigs in celebration as if it symbolises some form of slaying.

    In any event, thanks to Teresa for putting in this post so as to allow your readers to give their views on this Chinese practice of celebrations.

  12. on 20 Mar 2008 at 10: 42.03 temenggong

    I’m truly sorry the picture of feasting has been removed. In a truly multicultural nation one should not have to adjust to accommodate the others ‘sensitivities’. We should simply learn to accept it as it is.

    In Malaysian we require the malays to accept non malay culture as it is, therefore sometimes it is necessary to ‘thrust in the face’ so as to remind. Pork is Malaysian multiculturalism!

    I hope Teresa does not back down in future. It may give an impression that DAP itself may be willing to compromise its ideals in the face of ‘sensitivities’.

    I hope Teresa would continue to hold pork and beer parties in celebrations with voters! WE DESPERATELY NEED this new image of a liberalised and accepting community!

    Malays (and vegetarians) must be invited to such functions with separate cuisine accommodations made for them.

    As Selangor DMB, I expect Teresa to push for lion dances, kompang, and indian drums at all functions involving the royalty.

    Let us make it truly multicultural rather than monocultural as it is now.

    BTW, the quran DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT, forbid pork. It merely suggests ‘avoid eating carcasses’. So it is useless for us to observe and accomodate their superstitious and misunderstood beliefs.

  13. on 20 Mar 2008 at 11: 01.16 Mycroft

    I am very offended by Teresa’s pictures. I mean, the first shows her shaking hands with a man. Doesn’t she know we have to be careful and not offend people who think that men and women have to stay apart from each other? How could she be so offensive?

    Offensive? Or are people here being too sensitive? Which one is that? Some people here behave like politically correct facists. It is a minority race mentality. Don’t show a picture of a pig because it might offend people. A picture of a pig offending people! I can understand it if you can’t touch them or eat them. But cannot even look at them? Has the pig joined the legion of the scantily clad female of the visually haram? It is a pig for the love of Frog. And ::gasp:: an ethnic Chinese politician at a victory feast thrown by ethnic Chinese voters decide to eat a roast pig, which is a Chinese cultural thing to do.

    The loony fringe of any group will find offence at anything. Are we going to do bend our heads down, keep our eyes down just because we might offend some nutcase? Is this what we have won on the 8th of March? We will not and should not behave like a minority race all the time. No one will go to hell or neraka or be condemned to be reincarnated as a toad if they were to look at a picture of a pig.

    In the future, Teresa Kok should make sure that her pictures do not contain the following

    1. Pigs (very offensive to some thin-skinned ultras, as you can see)

    2. Chicken (very offensive to vegetarians)

    3. Cows (very offensive to hindus and buddhists)

    4. Fish (very offensive to people who have choked on fish bones before)

    5. Alcohol (very offensive to people who don’t drink)

    6. Dogs (veru offensive to cat lovers)

    7. Cats (veru offensive to dog lovers)

    8. Little children (very offensive to couples who don’t have any children)

    See what I mean? When will it end?

  14. on 20 Mar 2008 at 11: 02.46 hkmagoo

    Very soon, Malaysia will have a Lady Prime Minister. This is a great master calculation on ‘ dui bei tu’ of the luck, fortune and political forecast of this country. I’d double checked, it will be very soon, within this year.!!,
    Dear YB Teresa Kok & supporters, pls be alert.!!!

  15. on 20 Mar 2008 at 11: 24.36 leealex24

    Agree that the title could have been ammended to reflect the sensitivities of our society. Anyways, any update on the Selangor exco? We can’t be short-changed now, there should be fair representation as per the electorate from all parties (without crossing racial lines).

  16. on 20 Mar 2008 at 12: 33.41 yeahwho

    Dear Teresa,

    Congratulations on your massive win in Seputeh seat during the last GE.Off track a bit.I have a problem here.I am staying at De Tropicana Condominium which have 540 units of apartments.The above condo is located off Jalan Kuchai Lama and is in your Seputeh constituency.There are many development projects going on opposite our Condo.The problem is whenever it rains the mud from the opposite developments will spill over to our Condo and covered the whole footpath making it really inaccessible to the residents.

    We have been making numerous complaints to DBKL but nothing is done to solve the above issue.One solution will be to ask the developer to desilt the opposite drain so that the mud will not flow across the road or else ask them to stop work.Since you will be representing us in the Parliament,I hope you could bring this up to DBKL or organise a Press Conference to tackle this issue.

    Your kind attention on the above is very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  17. on 20 Mar 2008 at 14: 07.37 lee wee tak

    To all yer people taking offensive to pig, let me tell u some stories……

    1) I rented my house to a Pakistani doctor. On Ramadan, I went to collect rent. He invited me to the hospital canteen. I sid,”err…doc, it’s ramadan. It ain’t polite” He said,”I fast. Not u. It’s ok”

    2) his wife, also a staunch muslim, took my mother’s buddhist book, read it and told my mother,”there are wonderful books”

    If you see pig pix in this blog and get pissed, can I ask, do you surf porn sites? If you get Teresa shaking man’s hand and get offended, do you get pissed when you see Badawi putting his hand on Michelle Yeoh’s shoulder?

    It is fine with Teresa and a lot of people to eat pork and shake hands. If you don’t like to see, it is their right. A chinese has as a right to shake hand in Malaysia and eat pork in Malaysia; just like a muslim has a right to pray in a mosque and wear islamic dress code. These activities are mutually exclusively and the reason why we keep selling Malaysia as multi racial and truly asia.

    Anyway, I went to Bali for a jolly fun vacation. The tour guide told me in Jawa, “muslim ternak babi” and in Bali, “muslin jua ada jual babi guling”. I asked isn’t that haram in islam. The guide said,” mereka tak makan so no problem.”

  18. on 20 Mar 2008 at 14: 12.30 lee wee tak

    and not as much furore was raised when a cow was slaughtered in the parliament to clebrate a wedding that was once denied as a possibility by the groom.

  19. on 20 Mar 2008 at 14: 22.46 frontbench

    Some of you are just aknowledging your second and third class citizenship by being oversensitive to a innocent heading and photo. During 2004 elections The Star reported and published a photo of the vendors of a market in Cheras presented Kok Wai 12 roasted pigs and countless roast ducks to help feed his election team. How many of you wrote it to complain?

  20. on 20 Mar 2008 at 18: 07.48 Lim Koo

    Dear all,

    In case you might have missed it, please read the story I posted days ago.

  21. on 20 Mar 2008 at 18: 54.45 Mycroft

    I concur with frontbench and lee wee tak on this point. The reaction of some people to the headline and pictures was depressing. But like I said, welcome to the minority race way of thinking.

  22. on 20 Mar 2008 at 19: 34.12 lee wee tak

    Lim Koo,

    I saw yr posting and I read the story before.

    I was the guy who dressed as the woman and fooled the monks. 🙂

  23. […] at the way some readers of Teresa Kok’s blog reacted when she posted a piece titled "5 roast pigs to celebrate election victory".In that piece she yakked about doing her thank-you rounds at the Salak South wet market. She […]

  24. on 20 Mar 2008 at 20: 12.50 thamts

    YB Teresa, I am eager to know about the KL action plan (ie. what changes can be expected in KL within the next 4 to 5 years) since the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition has won 10 out of 11 seats.

  25. on 20 Mar 2008 at 21: 40.23 Mycroft

    I would like to see community centres, libraries, youth clubs being opened. Maybe even a football team for each constituency. Sports clubs… Public service isn’t just about the big national issues. More can be and should be done to bring people together as a community. Let’s start by building a library. Find one place, do it up and put some books in it. I am willing to donate some.

    btw, YB, your title thingamy thing should change. It should be “Working for Seputeh and Kinrara”

  26. on 20 Mar 2008 at 22: 44.48 Yoda

    shaking a man’s hand is forbidden i read
    so is showing roast pig it seems
    lacking sensitivities they say
    but whose sensitivities i ask.

    not enlighten are they
    see more read more they need do
    or dark age will they forever reside

    may the force be with you

  27. on 21 Mar 2008 at 01: 44.23 chteng

    Is a sad thing to see peoples in Malaysia still talking about racial and religious issue even after 50 years of independence. The goverment (or umno to be specific) keep threaten non-malay to take care of the feeling of malay or muslim, but why malay or muslim do not need to care about others feeling. But on the other hand they promote Malaysia as a truly multi racial country and working toward 2020 as a developed country. I always have this “?” in my heart, “Are you sure? is it possible?”

    The past ten year I was studying and working in Singapore, thanks to NEP ohterwise I may not be there. Until 8th March 2008, I felt ashame to tell people that I am Malaysian, espicially when I see the Malaysia tourism advertisement in Singapore TV, newspaper and bus saying that “Malaysia Trully Asia”, I felt digusting. Now I feel proud for all Malysian that vote for change, including me.

    In Singapore, all peoples irrespective of race and religion has only one mission, bring the country forward globally. I like their slogon “One people, One nation, One Singapore”.
    I think this is the trully asia. I hope one day we, all Malaysian can tell the outside world that we are one people, one nation, one Malaysia.

    Hopefully by next election, BA could replace BN and all Malaysian could work together and not competing among ourself internally by race but competing externally as one nation with others countries. 🙂

  28. on 21 Mar 2008 at 04: 44.21 frontbench

    “Apa salah dia makan babi?

    “Saya mengaku saya sangat sensitif bila orang menghina Islam sebab saya tak pernah hina agama dan kepercayaan orang lain. Tetapi, sensitif biarlah bertempat dan jangan merapu tak tentu hala.

    “Apa salahnya Teresa Kok makan babi panggang? Kalau dia pukul canang seluruh negara tentang babi panggang yang dimakannya, apa yang tak kenanya? Itu memang makanan dia, terutama untuk makan besar atau ketika berpesta.” — Penarik Beca

  29. on 21 Mar 2008 at 13: 01.14 sunlim

    您好,郭小姐。自从您为中国女郎伸张正义那件事情 后,我就开始很欣赏您。欣闻您在这次大选中大获 胜。希望您可以为人民做更多的事情,为人民减轻生 活上与精神上的负担。

    我本身住在蒲种区,每天都至少要进过一个收费站才 够去pj上班。而这个收费站的收费经过多年以后,不 见减少,反而一直加价。我们身为这一区的永久居民 每次出入自己居住的地区都要给超高的过路费。
    问题一,为何收费站建了这么多年,每年都说亏钱, 频压榨老百姓,增加收费?照理来说,收费应是逐 降低才对的。
    问题二,为何不能给当地的居民,(拥有永久地址或 子)一个比较合理或优惠的收费。因为我们每天至 都要进出两趟。更加合理的是,建好超过一段特定时 间的收费站,全都减价就好了。

    此外,蒲种属于中下阶层地区,很多人都负担不起自 的交通工具,要使用公共交通工具。近年来,这一 以超快的速度蓬勃发展,居民越来越多,可是我们的 LRT却到现在都还没有看到一条铁轨的影子。它到底什 时候才会建好,难道要建到2020年么?

    巴士方面也非常不准时,而且蒲种很塞车。常会误了 班时间。精神上负担非常重。

    我国如果要向先进国迈进,或搞好旅游业,是不是公 交通方面要好好地改善?当然治安方面也很重要,至 让身为女性的我们,不会每次站在车站等车时,就 耸肩曲背,提起十二分精神来警惕,以防手袋被人抢 ,或者自己被人抢。

    重要的是,不要搞到白天走在路边,也提心吊胆的。 说是么?

    郭小姐,我们的人民代表,请问您是不是可以帮帮忙 先为我们解决这些琐碎却非常重要的民生问题呢?

  30. on 21 Mar 2008 at 17: 08.08 macanhitam

    anyone who is harping racial/religious issues just because of this are absolute bollocks. GROW UP LAH MALAYSIANS! What century is this? Btw, why give an ‘f’ if someone was offended on what we put in our blogs? After all where’s the freedom of blogging if all our actions & behaviour are being restrained by some holier-than-thou rhetorics? Those hypos can go ‘f’ themselves.

    As for Teresa, just don’t give a damn about what they say. You ain’t insulting no one. You own your rights of celebrating the way you want it. Those idiots can start shutup & naff off if they don’t like what they see.

  31. on 21 Mar 2008 at 19: 50.31 kennyzhu

    Hi, YB Teresa Kok,

    Congratulation on the victories in Seputeh and Kinrara. I have attended your political ceramah in Puchong Jaya on 29/02/2008. Platform shared by YB Gobind Singh and Saudara YB Lim kit Siang.

    I have being a resident in Puchong for years (exactly since 1966)when I studied in SJK (C) Yak Chee.Batu 8 Puchong.

    My immediate suggestion to Selangor State Government is to build the access road from Kesas Highway to Tmn Maju Jaya/Tmn Petaling Utama. Another one is to relook/resume and implement the “shelved project” originally in the pipeline, of connecting the road behind Tesco to USJ1 near Giant,Mydin Store and the Goodyear Court.

    In this respect, it will alleviate the burden of voters in Puchong. The above two proposals will mean Puchong folks can travel to PJ and KL without paying a single sen. Sometimes I have to pay RM9.60 in a single day for making threee trips to PJ and Subang Jaya.

    This approach is much faster and easier than to review the LDP, KESAS toll-concessioners’rate. Before you even got the chance to get the toll rate review, next general election is already up.

    DAP supporter since 1986…Pls respond !!!

  32. on 21 Mar 2008 at 21: 15.38 antares

    Ha ha ha… I LOVE roast pork myself and so does my entire family. And it’s great to see so many speak out in defence of Teresa’s right to boast about her supporters roasting 5 pigs in celebration of her victory. Well, I must admit that what happened on March 8th means so much to me I just don’t want to see things falling apart (between DAP and PAS in particular) nor do I want any Umno diehards to jump on DAP’s resounding success and use it to rekindle the embers of ethnic conflict. The voices I hear on this blog in defence of openness and fearlessness far outweigh the voices of discretion and accommodation. That is indeed a very positive sign and augurs well for a healthy new era free from the taboos and superstitions that have bound our collective past in fear and mutual suspicion. I am more than happy to retract my suggestion, Teresa. And I regret I wasn’t there to celebrate with you. We will rejoice to see you appointed deputy MB of Selangor. When that happens we’ll have another round of roast pork! I’m aware there has been some foot-dragging from the palace – in fact I hear rumors (founded or unfounded) that the former MB knew how to grease his way around royal objections; which means the abrupt change of state government will take a while for many quarters to get accustomed to 🙂

  33. on 22 Mar 2008 at 15: 49.29 alylim

    I am offended by ppl who are offended by the title…

    It is a traditional food we served for celebration and thankgiving…What to call it, then?? Roasted oink oink”… roasted “swine”? hmmm.. This political correctness has gotten out of hand to the degree that nothing can remain at face value.

    I applaud Teresa for taking into account of sensitivity level of the offended party, by immediately changing the title. It only further shows the maturity of our favourite politician against those who stoop low to displaying degrading billboard.

  34. on 23 Mar 2008 at 01: 34.39 salamah

    Stop being so paranoid about that babi, pork, or sio bak. As a Muslim I don’t feel offended at all seeing pictures of the pig. It’s non-Muslims’ rights to eat, touch or display this animal anyway they like as long as Muslims are not offered or forced to eat the meat. I’d prefer that Teresa shows the original picture and not a crop one. By cropping part of the picture, what is she trying to imply? That you’re embarassed to show that you eat pork or that you’re scared of offending the sensitivities of some Muslims who happen to enter this site?
    My advice is: this is Teresa’s blog,she has rights to display whatever she likes. If there’s any Muslims who protest over the pic of a pig or pork, then they are the ones who need guidance, not you. Dont bow to some narrow-minded people’s demands. True Muslims will defend non-Muslims’ rights to eat your food, even if it is forbidden to us.

  35. on 23 Mar 2008 at 15: 52.54 mankeong

    Ms Teresa Kok,

    我是Puchong 居民,我在这届大选全力支持你,只是现在我请问,为何 章钦必须出局??


  36. on 24 Mar 2008 at 01: 04.40 frontbench bi.html

    Assalamualaikum WBT.

    Lawa tak gambar kat atas?

    Ada sesiapa yang mengaku Islam rasa terganggu dengan gambar Teresa Kok makan daging babi kat atas.

    Aku tengok gambar ni aku tak heranpun, hatta tengok gambar budak veterinar UPM yang peluk anak babi pun aku tak heran.

    Aku bukak weblog Teresa Kok, yang banyak komen orang bukan Islam, dia suruh jaga sensitiviti orang Islam, orang Melayu.

    Tolonglah! Kami orang Islam dan Melayu bukanlah bebal macam tu. Tak tahulah orang lain, kot-kot terasa diri tu Islam sangat sampai bising kalau nampak babi lalu atau orang bukan Islam makan babi. Rasa macam nak termuntah, konon-konon ingat akan bertambahlah tu keimanan kalau muntah bila nampak babi.

    Teresa Kok bukan orang Islam, tu memang makanan dia, yang nak bising-bising apasal. Hak dia!

    Aku orang Islam, dalam blog aku cerita pasal Islam, aku takkan henti cerita pasal Islam kalau ada orang Melayu konon-konon nak ultra tolerate takut ada orang bukan Islam rasa offended. Tolonglah, ingat kita ni budak-budak sangatke.

    Orang Kristian buat blog, dia letak dalam blog dia ayat-ayat dalam Bible, yang kita nak bising apasal. Dah tu blog dia.

    Sama macam kita masuk gereja, dalam gereja ada salib, kita bising-bising sebab ada salib, habis tu siapa suruh masuk gereja.

    Kita pergi rumah orang Islam, orang perempuan Islam tak nak salam dengan tetamu lelaki, janganlah rasa terganggu, kalau tak siapa suruh datang rumah orang Islam.

    Aku orang Islam, aku tak makan babi, tapi kalau orang bukan Islam nak makan babi tu hal dia. Orang Hindu tak makan daging lembu, tapi aku suka makan daging lembu, aku punya sukalah. Cuma jangan buat kurang ajar pergi offer daging lembu tu kat orang Hindu dahle.

    Orang Islam tak dibenarkan makan babi, tu je. Jangan lebih-lebih nak menambahkan hukum lain pulak.

    Dalam mazhab Syafie memang kena samak kalau pegang babi, tak tahu pulak aku ada hukum haram kalau tengok gambar babi.

    Dan aku pegang pendapat al-Imam an-Nawawi tak payah samak kalau pegang babi.

    Ada orang tanya kenapa aku macam pro DAP sekarang ni.

    Bila masa pulak aku pro DAP. Cuma aku muak dengan Utusan Meloya, konon-konon na jadi jaguh Melayu. Kerajaan baru Pulau Pinang baru beberapa minggu, dah bising-bising konon dia nak hapuskan hak Melayu/Islam.

    Ni rumah aku ni, diorang nak buat Sebang Sentral Habis jiran-jiran aku kena ambil tanah dia Insya-Allah. Dengar khabar rumah aku tak kena. Ni siapa yang luluskan. Ketua Menteri Melaka siapa? Cina ke? JKKK Pulau Sebang siapa? Cina ke atau orang-orang kuat UMNO?

    Aku marah ni, korang bising-bising hak melayu lah, terpinggirlah, ni semua tanah kena ambik ni orang Islam/Melayu. Tinggal masjid Kuala Ina kat tengah-tengah Sebang Sentral nanti.

    Sebelum pilihanraya dah senyap, konon nak batalkan projek ni. Tapi tulah, drama Melayu setiap 5 tahun. Lepas piliharaya jagalah, satu-satu dia ambik. Ni entah apa nak jadi kat kampung aku. Takkan nak tinggal rumah aku sebijik je dekat tengah-tengah Sebang Sentral ni.

    Aku dah bosan, orang Melayu jangan jadi bebal, mudah sangat makan umpan perkauman, konon ketuanan Melayu. Ni Melayu makan Melayu.

    Yang pergi dok tangkap ustaz-ustaz ceramah kat masjid siapa? Orang DAP ke atau orang Melayu/Islam? Pikir-pikirlah sendiri. Konon nak jaga Melayu Islam, waktu kes ratu cantik dulu kenapa tak nak buat demo, sekarang baru nak buat.


    Posted by Abu Usamah Mohd Masri bin Mohd Ramli at 11:29 PM

  37. on 24 Mar 2008 at 06: 28.20 AK

    Hey Teresa,

    Does Khairy Jamaluddin has a valid visa or citizenship in Malaysia? This might be a good way to get him out of MP position.

    Khairy was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait…..check the below link about him. hould-know.html

    Malaysia Visa link:

    Hope this issue will help change the IMI regulation for spouse program or get KJ out of politica career in Malaysia.

    Hope it help.

  38. on 26 Mar 2008 at 08: 45.42 lee wee tak

    Dear Teresa,

    I am concern how in the world you can combine a state MP, parliament MP, senior state exco and unofficial deputy MB all roll into one. Ladies who have to be a wife, mother, working woman can look at you and perhaps stop complaining for a while.

    You mentioned that you will have a team to work with. I hope you have a strong team. DAP is not known to have infinite resources, human capital or money but I sincerely hope you have a few good, capable, incorruptible people working for you. Get’em to watch Kevin Costner’s Untouchables as a swearing in ceremony!

    In the meantime, don’t forget to exercise, eat & drink properly and have your hair fixed and facial done.

    The eyes of Selangor and Malaysia are upon you. The campaiging for GE2013 (dun know when but when Pak Lah say no election means there is one 🙂 ) started the moment it is known that BR took over the state.

    All the best.

  39. on 26 Mar 2008 at 20: 08.57 savedap

    高级行政议员,哈哈哈!你们佛箭党的那个老林权利 ,什么丹绒三股输了,两线制输了,还赖死不走。 现在又国会议员,又州议员,现在又什么高级行政议 员,你权利狂啊?佛箭党没人啦?

  40. on 27 Mar 2008 at 16: 47.42 Ijokian_131

    YB Teresa,

    Congratulations for your recent fruitful 12 GE results. Now you have carry so many porfolios. Of course I have no intention to query your abilities to discharge your duties/task. Nevertheless, I have one question to ask you, how do you rate the YB Sg Pinang’s performance? He has been in the Selangor State Assembly for more than 13 years, if I am not wrong. With this kind of vast experience like YB Teng, WHY DAP Central committe had Not give him any blessing at least for an EXCO member?
    I am SO FRUSTRATED by you all DAP CC. Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin. Although Ronnie Liew is also one of the Demostration Hero and Balai Hero but I and I believe many people outside having the same thought as I that he is still not at Par with YB Teng. As for the other new elected DAP Exco, YB Seri Kembangan, please least let him serve one term as ADUN and not terus go up to Exco member. Please bear in mind, I and quite a handful friends of mine are strong supporter of pembangkang especially DAP, but now we felt that you DAP have practice ‘playing politics within inner circle of your party’. I suggest that you have betrayed us which we have wholeheartly supported you all in the recent 12 GE. You will gained my respect back if you can explain the inside out of the Selangor Exco candidates matter/affairs.

    Posted by: Ijokian_131

  41. on 28 Mar 2008 at 00: 15.01 Jamesy

    YB Theresa,

    Congratulations on your victory in the recently concluded General Election.

    However, everyone in Malaysia have their respective MPs and State Assemblymen physically present to start their duties in honouring their pledges and promises made during the campaigning period except one.

    I think you already know what I mean. That person is YB Manoharan. Please do not forget your colleague in DAP who is still in Kamunting Detention Centre. As you are also a Member of Parliament, please pressure the federal government to release YB Manoharan immediately and call for the abolishment of ISA. He has to start his work serving the residents of Kota Alam Shah as soon as possible. Please assist his wife in whatever way that you can.

    God bless you!

  42. on 28 Mar 2008 at 23: 11.12 Simax Templer


    您好!小弟先恭喜您终于有机会真正的入阁为民服务 小弟对您非常有信心,不会辜负所有支持人民阵线 选民所望。但是,小弟有些事想要提醒郭小姐也要多 加注意。

    相信郭小姐也知道国内的主流媒体都是针对人民阵线 课题大事渲染的;所以,小弟奉劝郭小姐在面对媒 时要小心言辞,避免引起不必要的误会。

    这次,郭小姐刚刚入阁雪州行政院执行任务,我很肯 郭小姐也曾经领教过市政府和州政府公务员的‘小 破仑’作风。这些人已经习惯成自然了,有时候会‘ 假传圣旨’或是‘拿着鸡毛当令箭’。以前,这班人 做的一切,现在国阵政府已经为此而付出代价。他 的所作所为都被人民一致认定是‘御准’,因此,这 笔账也算在国阵政府的头上了。身为执政者因为领导 方,当然是难辞其咎了。虽然要纠正这班‘小拿破 ’的态度不简单,可是,总不能‘姑息养奸’吧?

    再者,州、市政府的公务人员,其贪污滥权和服务效 是‘有口皆碑’的。所以,一定要设法提升和清理 部的‘毒瘤’。我不排除这些‘小人’的小动作是背 后有人指示和撑腰,旨在破坏人民阵线政府的形象和 信力。

    郭小姐的责任重大,我们对你的期望也很高。切记这 国阵政府是如何失去半壁江山的;漠视民声、种族 政、贪污滥权等等的反面教材足以时时给人民阵线政 府敲起警钟。人民阵线政府是我们的新希望。



  43. on 29 Mar 2008 at 10: 43.51 Pinkenba55

    come on, i live in china and I have seen in numerous places here where the muslims have embraced the religion hundreds of years before the malays and the indians, yet they are not perturbed by the presence of pork(in physical presence), less so by the mere picture or mention of the food in the press or the blog. why cant the pampered and misguided muslims in malaysia follow.

    This bring me to the issue which cuts across the other religions as well. I have seen many times newly converted christians who took their coca-cola bottles(to quote from the movie “God Must Be Crazy”) to new level of frenzy, refusing to participate in the likes of CNY and Lantern Festival which are ocassion of Chinese tradition rather than the Taoist or Buddhist rites. In fact a friend of mine whose Chinese forefathers have been Christians since their times in Northern China laughed them off as “Al-Queda Christians”, who misintrepeted the teachings in the Bible to show their blind affixation with a new faith. None of the religions can have total hegemony over the human races, as all of them have some degree of truth to different people at different part of the world. The degree may vary from person to person, but all of them deserves our respect.

    Let’s hope that these religious fanatics and bigot learn to wake up.

  44. on 30 Mar 2008 at 19: 45.10 Anie

    Congratulations on your winning! This is a good step towards having a Bangsa Malaysia. The next big step is to be tolerant to each other. Regardless what race you are. More importantly we need to be speaking in the same language. Communication is a very powerful tool towards understanding each other. So I would like to suggest that your blog to use languages that most of us understand in your blog i.e. English or Bahasa Malaysia (our national language). Perhaps then, we can say we are moving towards Satu Bangsa dengan Satu Bahasa. Those who would insist in writing Chinese characters, perhaps the moderator can translate for other non-chinese speaking Malaysians to understand. My two cents worth.

  45. on 31 Mar 2008 at 00: 44.33 yeahwho

    Dear YB,

    Happy birthday and may god bless you in your new undertaking.Keep up your good work and the Rakyat will always be with you.

    YB Boleh!DAP Boleh!

  46. on 02 Apr 2008 at 22: 22.57 MYNAMEIS..





    OK BYE!!!!


  47. on 05 Apr 2008 at 11: 36.49 new era

    congrats to u teresa. About roast pork, I think one should be open minded. If anyone of u should read newspaper recently, even muslim in Sudan rear pigs to cater to demands of foreigners. If this is done in malaysia all hell will break loose. Some muslims here are not as open minded as other muslims throughout the world. Even my muslim friends who have gone to Lebanon has experienced liberal terminology use for the word halal. Where pork in supermarket is deemed halal. halal there means edible for non muslims.

  48. on 05 Apr 2008 at 17: 17.52 tinta perak

    Pertama sekali, secara peribadi, saya ucapkan TAHNIAH di atas kemenangan besar YB di kerusi parlimen Seputeh pada PRU ke-12 yang lalu. Majoriti lebih 36 ribu, MEMANG PUKUL HABIS! Tsunami! Haha! Rasakan MCA…

    Okay… Saya rasa terpanggil untuk memberi komen di sini setelah “5 EKOR BABI PANGGANG” menjadi “ISU” di kalangan pembaca dan pemerhati politik di blog YB ni… Alaaahaiii…

    Kepada para pembaca yang budiman, saya MINTA dan RAYU agar membaca komen saya ini dengan berlapang dada serta minda dan hati yang terbuka sebagai seorang dewasa yang waras dan matang.

    Saya seorang lelaki berusia 29 tahun. Saya seorang Muslim. Saya seorang Melayu. Saya seorang warganegara Malaysia yang telah 8 tahun layak mengundi, dan saya tak pernah terlepas walau sekali pun. Saya tak pernah mengundi BN. Saya seorang penyokong dan pengundi PAS. Saya juga penyokong dan pengundi Pakatan Rakyat.

    Saya telah membaca semua komen yang berkenaan dengan tajuk tersebut. Ada yang pro, ada yang kontra. Hakikatnya, saya harap JANGANLAH sesiapa menjadi emosional. Hakikatnya juga, saya dapati luahan idea dan perasaan terhadap “isu” ini sebagai sesuatu yang sihat kerana ianya adalah jelmaan amalan demokrasi.

    Baiklah. Here it goes. Dalam Islam, yang HARAM berkenaan dengan babi adalah:-

    1) Memakannya dan menyediakan hidangan tersebut kepada orang, baik yang Muslim atau yang non-Muslim

    2) Memasaknya dan yang berkaitan dengannya

    3) Berniaga / bekerja dengannya dan segala yang bersangkut-paut dengan kegiatan perniagaan / perdagangan dengannya (HARAM memakan / mengaut hasil daripada sebarang kegiatan tersebut)

    4) Menternaknya dan mengagih-agihkannya

    5) Memakai @ menggunakan sebarang produk daripadanya

    SENTUH secara SENGAJA adalah TIDAK HARAM, namun IANYA SANGAT2 TIDAK DIGALAKKAN. Kalau TERSENTUH, ia tidak mengapa kerana dalam Islam, ada kaedah yang tertentu tentang cara nak menyelesaikan permasalahan sesuatu perkara, termasuklah jika tersentuh babi ini dan yang seangkatan dengannya. Setiap Muslim diminta menjauhi babi, TETAPI BUKAN MENGHALANG ORANG YANG BUKAN ISLAM DARIPADA MELAKUKAN APA-APA TERHADAP BABI, kerana itu adalah HAK mereka, dan Islam tidak pernah sekali-kali menyuruh umatnya merampas hak orang yang bukan Islam.

    MELIHAT atau MENONTON babi juga TIDAK HARAM. Namun, tidak digalakkan juga melihat atau menontonnya jika tiada sebab yang kukuh. Sekadar melihat untuk mengetahui rupabentuk haiwan tersebut, itu tak apalah. Itu sudah memadai. Malah memang dituntut supaya setiap Muslim berilmu. Kalau tak pernah tengok babi, macam mana nak tau rupabentuk babi tu? Macam mana setiap Muslim nak menjauhinya? Fikir itu pun dah cukup. Tapi janganlah saja suka2 nak tengok, dan jangan sampai jadi tabiat pulak. 🙂

    Oleh sebab itu, pendirian saya di sini menegaskan bahawasanya, SEPATUTNYA setiap Muslim tak kira di mana, sama ada di Malaysia atau bukan, agar TIDAK BERASA TERSINGGUNG jika YB Teresa Kok memaparkan gambar 5 ekor atau berapa ekor sekali pun babi panggang dalam majlis sambutan kemenangannya itu! Teresa bukannya seorang Muslim, dan orang ramai yang hadir dalam majlis makan babi panggang tu pun tiada seorang pun yang Muslim. Jadi, KENAPA NAK TERSINGGUNG? ITU HAK TERESA! TAK TIMBUL soal sentimen orang Melayu berasa tersinggung, apa yang perlu ditekankan di sini ialah, kalau ada orang Melayu yang melayari webpage ni dan ternampak gambar2 tersebut, janganlah ditengok lagi. Memang hakikatnya setiap Muslim memang tak suka pun nak melihat babi ni. Tapi, SIAPA SURUH bagitau “Teresa, janganlah letak gambar babi ni. Kami yang Muslim ni tersinggung.” Siapa suruh tengok kalau dah tak suka? Janganlah tengok lagi. Tengoklah gambar yang lain pulak! Teresa bukannya Muslim yang Muslim nak suruh dia tarik balik gambar tu! Itu dah kira menyinggung hak dia sebagai seorang yang non-Muslim di negara penduduknya Muslim ni! (INGAT! Malaysia BELUM LAYAK ditabal sebagai NEGARA ISLAM! Those UMNO members including Tun Dr. Mahathir & Pak Lah memang tak tau apa-apa berkenaan dengan Negara Islam). Apaaaaaaaaaaraaaa… Hiissshhhhh……

    Susah mau cakaplah kalau minda tak terbuka.

    Sebenarnya, bukan minda tak terbuka, tapi ada Muslim sendiri yang tak faham dengan hukum-hakam Islam. Tu lah yang payah. UMNO pun main peranan juga dalam hal ini kerana menyebabkan ramai Muslim di Malaysia tak memahami dan tak menghayati Islam secara yang sepatutnya. UMNO memang patut dipersalahkan (walaupun tak 100%!)

    Jadi, saya sangat2 berharap… Kepada yang Muslim, KETAHUILAH HAK2 ANDA sebagai seorang Muslim yang sebenar, yang sejati, yang baik, dan yang mulia. Perkara “5 EKOR BABI PANGGANG” ni tak sepatutnya jadi isu pun. Dalam Islam sendiri dah termaktub tentang cara2 nak bergaul dan berjiranan serta bermasyarakat dengan golongan yang non-Muslim. Baca, belajar, hayati, dan amalkan! Islam itu KEAMANAN!

    Sebagai tambahan, adalah tidak hairan dan tidak asing untuk PAS memperjuangkan keperluan dan kewajipan menubuhkan sebuah negara Islam kerana penduduk asal & majoriti Malaysia adalah Muslim, dan oleh kerana itu menjadi tanggungjawab setiap Muslim di dalamnya untuk menubuhkan sebuah negara Islam. UMNO sepatutnya berbuat begitu tapi mereka tidak! Tidak hairan dan tidak asing juga untuk DAP memperjuangkan sebuah negara yang mengamalkan sistem politik yang sekular, kerana keanggotaan DAP dan perlembagaannya bukanlah sebuah parti yang Islam. Jadi, PAS dan DAP memperjuangkan hak masing2. Tidak ada apa yang salahnya. Apa yang perlu ditekankan ialah, yang mana satu yang menjadi pilihan rakyat? Negara yang sekular atau Negara Islam? Jika jawapan sudah diberi nanti, APA YANG PERLU DILAKUKAN ialah KAEDAH YANG PALING BAIK UNTUK MELAKSANAKANNYA. Itulah prinsip demokrasi yang kita gunapakai selama ini. Negara Islam tidak menafikan hak warganya yang non-Muslim. Begitu juga warga Muslim yang dah baisa hidup dlaam negara sekular sebagaimana Malaysia sekarang ini. Cuma bagi yang Muslim, memanglah wajib menubuhkan negara Islam. Tapi kalau dah suara majoriti nak negara sekular, terpaksalah menerimanya juga, sebab itu suara majoriti. So, apa2 pun pilihan rakyat, kita kena terima dengan akal yang waras, fikiran yang terbuka serta menerima dengan berlapang dada. Jangan tanya apa akan berlaku kepada Muslim yang nakkan negara sekular, itu antara mereka dengan Allah yang akan bersoal-jawab kelak. Yang penting, suara majoriti rakyat dalam sesebuah negara, dan kaedah terbaik dalam perlaksanaannya.

    Saya mengharapkan semua Muslim di Malaysia dan non-Muslim di Malaysia tahu hak masing-masing, hidup dalam aman damai, bersatu padu dalam kebaikan, dan dapat menikmati kemakmuran yang seadilnya. Itulah harapan besar saya.

    P/S: Saya berbesar hati kita dapat meluahkan perasaan dan pandangan masing-masing di sini kerana ia mencerminkan kebebasan kita bersama sebagai manusia, dan inilah yang BN halang selama ini. Teruskan menyokong dan mengundi Pakatan Rakyat!

  49. on 06 Apr 2008 at 11: 35.56 lbl

    Hi YB,
    Your little Napoleon who is taking care of your blog is just repeating what you are fighting against the BN.
    You say the BN is not acknowleging your voice when you are not for BN.
    This is happening in your blog when your little Napoleon in charge of your blog is deleting any comments which are against you.
    It is about time you practice what you preach.

  50. on 11 Apr 2008 at 18: 51.35 RIBBS1971

    my advice is ,the biggest thank you u should say is to carol.without her being so ‘good’u wont win with such big mandate.hope u did send her a thank you card….if i ever meet carol,there is one thing i want to say to her….. that is, i hope now u will put up a billboard to show yourself crying rather than the people in seputeh…ha!ha!!!!!!!!! yah by the way sassy mp,would u do me a fav?ask carol to join u and ask her tobe your adm.she is good 4 that roll and also ask the chow mei fun to join u also. hmmmmm 4get it!better dont ask them to joinlah,i 4 got that they dont have a brain.