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This morning I went to the Tamil Church at Taman Medan after attending mass in my church. I arrived there at 10am and I saw Hee Loy Sean (MP for PJ Selatan), Lim Lip Eng (MP for Segambut), Rajiv Rishyakaran (ADUN Bukit Gasing) were already standing at the door of the church.

When the pastor of the church Pastor Paul Packianathan came down to greet us, I presented a small bouquet of flowers to him as a token of solidarity with and support to his church. I also told him that he should put back the cross which was taken down earlier.

After that , Lip Eng and I walked to the mamak shop behind the church to have breakfast. We met with Azrul Mohd Khalib from the group named “Malaysian for Malaysia”. He and his colleagues were waiting for the church service to end at noon time, then only they would present flowers to the church members. They were so thoughtful.

I conveyed the appreciation and good comments about his kind gesture to the church from my facebook fans to him. We had a short chat about the racial and religious issues in the country. This country needs more people like Azrul to initiate little but necessary action to improve the race relations in this land.

DAP's Seputeh MP Teresa Kok was one of  the visitors at the church in Taman Medan this morning. She is handing a small bouquet of flowers to Pastor Paul Packianathan as a token of her support. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Afif Abd Halim, April 26, 2015.

Overwhelmed by support for his church, the senior pastor of Taman Medan’s Community of Praise Petaling Jaya church Pastor Paul Packianathan choked back tears as he thanked Malaysians for standing in solidarity with the congregation and said the church had forgiven protesters who demanded the removal of the cross displayed on the outside of the building.

Speaking after the Sunday service today, he said the church had forgiven the protestors who staged a demonstration outside the church last Sunday.

“That’s what my Jesus taught me. On the cross, Jesus said forgive them father for they do not know what they are doing. We do not hold any grudge.We pray for forgiveness for all. That is why we forgive them.

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This morning I had joined the protest and press conference organized by the Residents’ Association of Sri Petaling (SPRA) at the commercial centre of Sri Petaling. The residents were protesting against the proposed high rise buildings which will be built at the present hawkers’ centre.

This site was originally an open space for the commercial area and DBKL had planned to turn the place into a bus station. However, few years ago, the site was turned into a morning market and commercial centre despite strong objection from the residents’ association.

Flowers and notes are placed outside the church in Taman Medan as a show of support. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Nazir Sufari, April 25, 2015.

The Taman Medan church that was forced to remove a cross from its building by a group of protesters last Sunday, held a trouble free prayer gathering on Friday.

The drama of last Sunday, where a rowdy protest by some 50 residents, was a distant memory and had done little to affect their spirits as some 10 faithful gathered for the service.

“None of the church members are worried. We feel very relieved that everyone is supportive. We want to thank (Selangor) Menteri Besar (Mohamed Azmin Ali) for his words and support as well as the media,” said the church elder A. Sudas, who conducted the service.

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File picture shows Hizbut Tahrir members protesting outside the French embassy in Kuala Lumpur against alleged France’s double standard over the Charlie Hebdo’s caricature of the Prophet. — Picture by Saw Siow Feng

KUALA LUMPUR, April 24 — Parliament’s approval of hefty salary increases for lawmakers even as Malaysians are struggling with high living costs shows the need for the country to come under a caliphate, Islamic group Hizbut Tahrir said today.

Noting that the hike was as high as 40 per cent for MPs, the local chapter of the hardline Islamist group derided the view that democracy protects public interest as just an illusion.

Instead, it said democracy is used to enact “cruel laws” under the guise of looking out for the welfare of its people.

“Where does the money to pay the MPs’ wages that are so high come from, if not from the people? Should such high wages be paid for them to go to Parliament to make laws that are cruel to the people, to close their eyes and to fulfill their parties’ wishes?” Hizbut Tahrir said.

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Pagi ini saya menghadiri taklimat yang diberi oleh perunding loji rawatan air buangan pasar dan pegawai DBKL kepada para penjaja di Pasar Pagi Jalan Klang Lama.

Tujuan taklimat ini diadakan adalah kerana sungutan penjaja bahawa loji rawatan air buangan tidak berfungsi mengikut jadual operasi pasar sehingga air busuk dialir balik ke dalam parit kecil pasar dan membusukkan seluruh pasar pagi.

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Today I lost my suit on my ISA detention in 2008 against the Police and Malaysian government at the high court. I was ordered to pay cost of RM50K to the government. The judge of my case is Yg Arif Datuk Su Geok Yam.

I am disappointed with the decision of the court. I have been arrested and detained by the police based on rumors that accused me for opposing azan of a mosque at Bandar Kinrara 5, Puchong.

The nazir of the mosque, Abdul Rahman also testified that I had nothing to do with the allegation. Besides, I have never ordered the azan in the mosque of Kota Damansara to be lowered as the mosque loud speaker was faulty.

I filed this suit in 2009 and only now I got the decision. In fact this decision was postponed 4 times before.

The ground given by the judge was that the high court is bound by its immediate superior court of appeal’s decision in the case of Borhan (March 2010) which followed the Federal Court’s decision in the case of Kam Teck Soon (2002), wherein it was decided that the police powers to arrest and detain under ISA is not questionable in the court of law.

It must be noted as argued by my counsel SN Nair, Kam Teck Soon was in the opinion of  Yg Arif Datuk Lau Bee Lan to be erroneous  as stated in her judgement in the case of Mohd Ezam, which was not accepted by the judge in my case.

My counsel SN Nair has also argued that high court ought to have followed the Federal Court’s decision in Darma Suria (October 2010) decided after Kam Teck Soon overruling the latter – wherein the objective test is to be applied by court to test the decision of the police to arrest and detain under the ISA.

However the judge dismissed my counsel’s argument on the basis that Darma Suria deals with POPO and not the ISA, unlike the case of Borhan.

In fact a thorough reading of Darma Suria’s case shows that the objective test must be used across the board whenever an act of Parliament confers subjective discretion to any authority including the police in respect of ISA. This was again overlooked by the judge in my case today.

My fear is that the judgement today will set a bad precedent for cases charged under POTA and The amended Sedition Act that was passed by Parliament lately, where in  the court will be shut from questioning the arbitrary powers of police in conducting arrest and detention.

Further, the cost of RM50K awarded against me is manifestly excessive and unjust, as it bars other civilians and opposition leaders like me from bringing action against police for arbitrary arrest and conduct.

I am upset with the court decision today, but I am not defeated. I have instructed my counsel to file an appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Ironically today I am a victim of an unjust arrest and an unjust decision of court.

#Lawan Tetap Lawan!!!




KUALA LUMPUR: Teresa Kok today issued a strident statement saying that Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Khalid Abu Bakar made an error when he said that the church protest was about location and not a move against Christianity.

The church is in a largely Malay-Muslim neighbourhood.

On Sunday, April 19, a group of 50 protestors gathered to get church officials to take down their cross.

Their reasoning was that the publicly displayed cross was a challenge to Islam. The church then complied.

“How could it not be about religion when the protestors demanded that the cross be removed?,” queried the Member of Parliament for Seputeh.

“Khalid’s statement is therefore most baffling and unacceptable,” she said.

“Malaysia is a multiracial, multi-religious nation where mutual respect and tolerance must always prevail and the constitutional right of freedom of religion for all must be protected.”

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