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Pagi ini, Ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat mengadakan sidang akhbar bersama untuk mengutuk penahanan penyunting dan wartawan The Makaysian Insiders (TMI) di lobi Parlimen.

Kami merasa marah dan sedih untuk melihat bukan sahaja kebebasan bersuara dan berhimpun rakyat dikena larangan, tetapi kebebasan akhbar juga dicabuli oleh pihak polis dan pihak kerajaan secara pilihan.

Polis ada hak untuk mengambil keterangan daripada para wartawan kalau rasa perlu, tetapi apakah mereka perlu dimasukkan dalam lokap dan polis memohon perlanjutan siasatan selepas itu, seperti apa yang dilakukan ke atas Ahli Parlimen Pakatan Rakyat dan aktivis pada minggu lepas?

Selepas kami mengeluarkan kenyataan kami dalam sidang akhbar, kami tanya pihak media samaada mereka ada apa apa soalan tambahan, saya rasa hairan tiada seorang pun tanya soalan tambahan. Nampaknya penahanan wartawan TMI ini telah menakutkan dan mendiamkan para wartawan ini…… Sedihnya…

The Malaysian Insider managing editor Lionel Morais (left) with MCMC officials at TMI’s office. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Najjua Zulkefli, 30 Mac, 2015.

Police have arrested The Malaysian Insider’s managing editor Lionel Morais, Bahasa news editor Amin Shah Iskandar and features and analysis editor Zulkifli Sulong over a report on hudud related to the Conference of Rulers.

Police together with Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) officials raided The Malaysian Insider’s office in Mutiara Damansara and made the arrests.

The arrests came as part of investigations after a police report lodged by an official from the Conference of Rulers last week.

About a dozen officers from the police, as well as the MCMC, came to the office at 5.52pm today.

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1st April will be the date of the implementation of GST. Everyone is busy shopping to try to save some money prior to 1st April to the point of clearing entire shelves in supermarkets.

Today, the parliament sitting ended earlier than I expected this session. I then decided to do something which I wanted to do for sometime but had no time to do in the past few days, which is, to dye my hair before the implementation of GST.

The hair stylist charged me RM180 for dying and treatment of my hair , plus one set of ampute for hair repair that can be used for a month. So I saved RM10.8 for GST payment today. :-))

For all the ladies who are busy shopping prior to the GST implementation, you may want to consider saving the GST and to have your hair done by tomorrow. Ha ha….

Quote of the day!

PAS lawmaker Khalid Samad (left) said it was unnecessary for the police to arrest him early today. He said he would go to the police station if they had called. – The Malaysian Insider filepic, March 29, 2015.

Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad today said police could have just called him instead of wasting its resources arresting him in the wee hours of Sunday.

The PAS lawmaker said 10 policemen came to his house at 3.20am to arrest him.

“I think it was an unwise action, a waste of manpower and time. If they called me and I did not go, then their action is justified.

“Everyone knows my phone number, including the police,” he told The Malaysian Insider after his release today.

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PETALING JAYA: Selangor sports officials drawn fire for proposing “Kita Lawan” as the motto for the state’s contingent to Sukma, the Malaysia Games sports tournament next year.

The Olympic Council of Malaysia bluntly said: ““Drop it.”

OCM secretary Sieh Kok Chi, quoted by the Malay Mail, said: “Sports is not about fighting … it is about doing your best and trying harder next time.”

Selangor state sports associations were shown the contingent logo on Friday by Amirudin Shari, Selangor’s executive councillor for sports, at a briefing on the Malaysia Games, held biennially among under-21 contingents from every state.

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Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan claims Malaysians have the best command of English in Asia, based on a Swedish online survey. An opposition lawmaker says the results should be treated with a pinch of salt. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, March 29, 2015.

Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan had resorted to using an unscientific and statically invalid survey to claim that Malaysians have the best command of English in Asia, a DAP lawmaker said today.

Bukit Bendera MP Zairil Khir Johari said the survey Kamalanathan had cited yesterday, the English Proficiency Index by Sweden-based EF Education First, drew its results from a sample that was not representative of the population.

“While our government may be desperate to highlight any positive results, they should not resort to using unscientific and questionable studies to convince themselves,” said Zairil in a statement today.

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Faced with criticism over the country’s falling standards in the English language, Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan today peddled a survey which he said showed Malaysians’ command of English is in fact better than Singapore’s.

Furthermore, Kamalanathan said, Malaysia is ranked number one among Asian countries.

“We are number one and you will be happy to know that behind us is Singapore.

“And this is not what I said. I’ve given you the reference point.

They give you a good explanation on how this research is done and where we are,” he told a students’ conference in Kuala Lumpur today.

He was referring to the English Proficiency Index which is done by Sweden-based EF Education First.

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