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Frequently asked questions on the powers of the Sultan if a menteri besar (MB) is shown to have lost the confidence of the majority of the State Assembly under the Selangor State Constitution.

Q. If a sitting MB loses the confidence of the majority of the legislative assembly, what happens?
Then he must tender his resignation together with the members of the State Executive Council.

Is this the only thing that could happen?
No, he may also request the Sultan to dissolve the legislative assembly. If the Sultan so decides, it means that fresh state elections will have to be held.

Is the Sultan bound to act upon the request of the MB to dissolve the assembly?

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Media Statement by Teresa Kok, DAP National Vice chairperson and MP for Seputeh in Kuala Lumpur on Friday, July 18, 2014

Kinabatangan MP Datuk Bung Moktar Radin’s yesterday’s tweet –”I was criticised when I once said that most women drivers are hot tempered. “This (my argument) has been proven by Kiki. CDM 25,”– has not proven that he was right , but has proven that he is a misogynist .

The actions of Siti Fairrah Asyikin Kamaruddin, also known as Kiki, who flew into a rage after an accident in Kuantan,  have  nothing to do with race or gender.

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The independent pollster Merdeka Centre has found that nearly three in five Malaysians think the country is not prepared to implement the controversial hudud Islamic penal law.

Its survey on hudud in April found that a total of 59 per cent of the Malaysians polled shared this sentiment, with 58 per cent of Malays believing so while 59 per cent of Chinese and 61 per cent of Indians gave the same response.

Just 25 per cent of respondents — and 30 per cent of Malays — believed that Malaysia is ready to introduce hudud now.

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Why should anyone be surprised anymore by the distasteful and crass speech of Umno politicians or those associated with the ruling party?

If it is not a sexist remark, it is usually something so inappropriate on race, religion and even world history (Long Live Hitler!). No Umno assembly is complete without a catalogue of tasteless jokes on sex.

This is the language Umno politicians speak everyday, to their political comrades, business cronies, wives, mistresses and even children – individuals or groups of people so beholden to them that no one dare chastise them for the rubbish that escapes their lips.

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The courts do not have the final word in the Allah case, this contest will go beyond the Federal Court, a law lecturer from the Australian National University said today.

Speaking in an academic seminar titled “The Name of God on Trial: Narratives of Law, Religion and State in Malaysia”, Joshua Neoh (pic) said that given this scenario, dissenting judgments were important because it appeals to the people and builds a counter-current of opinion.

“All decisions could be revisited and challenged judicially, the losing side in a judicial battle can always live to fight another day. That is the very nature of Constitutional interpretation,” he said in Petaling Jaya today.

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The suggestion by Umno Lawyer Datuk Mohd Hafarizam Harun is most laughable, ridiculous and sexist.

His suggestion  is a reflection of Umno’s fears about the possibility of Wan Azizah becoming the Selangor Mentri Besar and is  an attempt to prevent the possibility from becoming a reality. But his suggestion is a lousy excuse.

Whether Wan Azizah is qualified to be the Selangor Mentri Besar will have to be based on the constitutional provisions of Selangor State Constitution and the rules of parliamentary democracy.

Wan Azizah is certainly entitled if she can meet the flowing conditions,

1.     She is an elected member of the Selangor State Assembly

2.     She commands majority support of the State Assemblypersons.

3.     She is a Malay

4.     She is a Muslim.

If a woman Mentri Besar cannot accompany the sultan on religious functions due to menstrual problems, she can always delegates the responsibility and role to an Exco who is in charge of Islamic affairs.

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